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  1. Hi guys, just wanted to ask how important this is to setting up matches?
  2. Okay cheers for the advice guys, will give it ago a see how it goes :-).
  3. Ah thanks, I've gone for the Attacking option to offer my formation some width. When playing away from home would you recommend putting them on Support or even Defend? Especially against top 4 opposition anyway
  4. Hi folks, I'm currently playing with a 4-1-2-1-2 and I'm leaking goals like an absolute sieve. I don't usually post, but I've been struggling so much that I feel the need to. I am Liverpool, and am literally about to start my second season. Im using default roles and duties. Goals being conceded are down both flanks rather than being in behind my defense
  5. How many games have you guys gone unbeaten for? I ask this cos I just smashed the record on FM12 by going 60 games!!!!!! My own tactic as well, no 'super cheat' tactic or whatever...
  6. I would go for an attacking strategy with Real Madrid rather than a counter attacking one...
  7. Uploaded with ImageShack.us what role would you guys give this regen?
  8. How does everyone rotate their strikers when playing a 4-2-3-1? How do you decide which striker starts which games?
  9. Hi ive been playing fm12 recently but wanna make the switch over to fm13. As the title says, is it playable? Or are most people waiting for the update?
  10. Does anyone know when this will be out? And if it will be the final update?
  11. Can i just ask, how does everyone use match preparation? I always have it on 'Teamwork' but I don't know if that's restrictive/prohibitive?
  12. I thought I would hijack this thread, just need a little bit of help from the experts. Basically Im playing a 4-2-3-1, balanced philosophy and my strategy is always counter, then go attacking later on the match, depending on the situation. The main issue for me that i need help with is that I think the upper middle part of my team is getting a bit congested. Its seems to work fine when my main two central midfielders are Cabaye on DLP (S) and Lucas DLP (D), however when I have to rotate my cm's I put Shelvey in for Cabaye and change his position to a AP (S), then farther up the field I have to IF's on attack, and AM (S) and a DLF (S). Would it be wise to change Shelvey to just a CM (S) or something like this?
  13. Im still playing FM12. Ive tried playing 13, but I really cant get into it... Hopefully when the game ME gets update, as well as the transfers then I'll give it another go. At the moment Im more than happy with 12
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