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  1. Hello guys, really obvious choice, but could some post Man Utd players, Thanks in advance
  2. Marcus Rashford Anthony Martial Kingsley Coman Renato Sanches Breel Embolo Deli Ali Leroy Sane Youri Tielemans Thank you very much in advance ???
  3. I have a swans save mate but I'm very early into the season, gutted about spurs beating us today btw in the dying moments of the game, we were a much better team on the day, anyway I will let you know who I managed to sign/sell tomorrow when I load my game up.
  4. Fratz, I will do that no probs, but same can be said of you no offence, speak to me with a bit of courtesy and I will do the same back to you, because no offence as I have said before I haven't seen you or any of the other mods coming up with solutions, so many people shouldn't be in this situation needing to fix their brand new game, all it have done is try and help my mate all day fix his without solution, came on here looking for help because he is not good on a pc, why you think he brought it to me in the first place???
  5. Same problem for my mate, there is clearly a big problem with something, never happened on fm14 and now all of a sudden all I'm seeing is people saying about this problem and the mod and team saying about the cache, antivirus or graphics quality, which to be honest isn't really fixing the problems people are having, as I say mine is working fine but me and my mate spent all afternoon trying to fix problem with zero success, bought the game as a long term fan and now can't even play on it great stuff......
  6. Nice start David, I'm interested in knowing if anyone does sign them two players and what options they selected to make them become interested in joining, also looking forward to see who everyone else found to join them at the club, happy football managing folks
  7. cant play fm12 anymore, or any other since fm live shut down, I find them very boring. Bring it back and give the loyal fans something back or just dont listen to us and possibly lose fans. Thing I cant understand is how free online games like Grand Prix Racing Online and Golf Manger Live can cope with no subscriptions as such and the you have SI moaning about profits when clearly from the amount of people who wanted it back and were paying a monthly subscription on it can't??? Mind Boggling, just something to think about.
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