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  1. Usually about February time - again, this wasn't something I considered, so will look in future. pcmac - I had a save from just after the poor run started. I switched to a rigid, counter attacking game and focussed on teamwork in my match prep/training. I won 3-1 away from home! I then lost narrowly to second in the league away from home. However, I then had a home game and got ahead of myself - switching back to a more slightly more balanced, controlling game and got beat 2-0. Cheers for the advice. As always in FM it's a constant job of tinkering, making mistakes and learning.
  2. Sure, thanks for the reply. My philosophy is very much a short, passing game, focussed on working the ball into the box and generally controlling possession in midfield. My strategy is usually Control, sometimes with Standard (away from home) and very occasionally Counter Attack. Typically balanced or rigid - never fluid or very fluid. In Classic you don't have teamtalks or team meetings. Cheers for the advice on the training element and making the team more rigid. I'll give that a go and feedback. It's bloody frustrating atm.
  3. Hi all, I've been playing this game for the last month or so, and keep having the same problem. I've had three careers so far. The first (Birmingham City) I used to mess about with the new version, learn some tactics and generally mess up until I had worked things out. This forum was hugely helpful in getting me to understand how to set my team out. The second (Birmingham City again) I started fairly poorly, but put together a pretty good run of form and climbed into the edge of the playoff spots. However, about two thirds-three quarters of the season in, I suddenly had a catastrophic drop in form - losing 9 on the bounce. I switched to my second tactic - nothing. I tried bringing in reserve players - nothing. It felt like no matter what I did, I lost. Anyway, I've now started my third game (Solihull Moors in the Conference North). I've made some pretty decent free and loan signings, have a nice 4-1-2-3 setup (FB-BPD-LD-FB DM CM-BWM IF-IF DLF) with a 4-4-2 back up tactic. About 10-15 games in I started to show some decent form and about 20 games in I really started to motor - winning about 8 or 9 times in 12 games and going unbeaten in 11. I have deliberately rotated as an and when to keep my part time players fresh, and that seemed to help my form, too. Anyway, with about 10 or 11 games to go, my form suddenly crashed (again). I proceeded to lose all but 2 of my final games. I stuck with my tactic for the first 3 or 4 losses in a row - then switched, to no avail. Tried something else, to no avail. Went back to my original 4-1-2-3 for the final 3 games - and lost them. Does anybody have any advice as to why I might be suddenly experiencing such catastrophic runs? I wouldn't mind dipping a bit - but these are the sorts of runs that destroy an entire season's work. I should add I play in 'classic' mode! Cheers!
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