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  1. While trying to load game I get the message " The server is not reachable, check your internet connection and click Retry. If the problem persists click Next to open the website in the default browser." But there is nothing wrong with my internet connection. Help!
  2. Seems to be ok at the moment. Going to be playing it again tomorrow evening.
  3. Have uninstalled and reinstalled graphics drivers and so far so good. But this is how it was at start of new game and also with FM2018. Will let you know soon if all is clear or otherwise. Thanks for your help so far!
  4. Not reinstalled graphics drivers yet but it is still happening with 19.1.4
  5. The problem is increasing and it is now happening during highlights. DxDiag.txt
  6. Exactly as above. Very frustrating. I even disabled my Anti virus software in the hope that this would resolve the issue but no luck. Freezing would occur several times each match with interviews, changes of tactics etc. Pressing the Windows got things going again. DxDiag - Copy.txt
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