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  1. Good idea Wen - I did this and he was winning 50% headers - much less than my other defenders. The reason I was sceptical about him in the first place was due to him losing important headers all the time.
  2. Cheers guys, I've been playing him as cover but I think I might just get rid.
  3. I've got this lad in my squad... and he has everything a top centre back should have... apart from he can't jump...! Should I get rid of this guy or is there hope for him yet?
  4. You should train him to try killer balls often
  5. Yaya Sanogo has 251 goals in 445 for me at the moment. I have a Morrocan Dutch striker - Rachid El Akchaoui who has 113 in 157. Dzeko retired with 170 in 298 and Hulk with 143 in 251 for me.
  6. How many Europeans do you see moving to South America in real life?
  7. Yes - hence I put not impossible. :S
  8. Huddersfield won the cup? Highly unlikely but not impossible.
  9. In my Chelsea game I have dominated England and Europe - winning now 8 league titles in a row. Hey presto though - come the new season Man City are always favourites. Ridiculous.
  10. Huh? The guy has the best team in the world and is packing the stadium every match. In real life the board would quickly get a new stadium built in order to capitalise on the increased revenue. It's not rocket science. Try engaging your brain before talking as if you're the world's greatest authority on something ok buddy?
  11. Wow...! I don't mean to be insulting but you really really need to get out more.
  12. You may as well whistle. SI are more likely to bring in dynamic advertising hoardings or something along those lines. You want something more than mere baubles? You're having a laugh.
  13. Epic fail.
  14. My advice? Stick to baseball...
  15. I hope now some of you are starting to realise that international football is a little different to club football. Rooney scores 90 for England and some of you think it's realistic? Oh dear...