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  1. Can't get past 06/07/2014.

    FMH is version 3.4. Android is Version 2.2.2 I have had no strange occurrences in my time playing FMH so far. I will email you the save game later this evening, I am at work at the moment.
  2. Can't get past 06/07/2014.

    I am using an HTC desire. I cannot get past the date of 06/07/2014. Any time I press continue on this day the program disappears. I get no error message, no force close or anything like that. FMH is currently on my Micro SD card which has over 2 GB left on it, while my handset itself has 15mb. Please advise as I have just won back to back quads and don't want to give it up yet!! Cheers