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  1. Yeah I gave it a go this year after struggling with the game last season and almost giving up on the series. I thought it might not be as enjoyable but bar a few little bits I wish were there it is so much more enjoyable and I am actually winning things! Also can get through a season in a week. Would highly recommend to everyone
  2. I have been giving more game time to Dan Crowley, stats are higher than Zelalem, has been performing really well.
  3. I signed Peruzzi at the start of 2nd season for £13.5m and he has been very consistant, highly recommend him
  4. Absolutely, I am just so annoyed with myself that I cant win the Prem Lge and feel I owe it to my players! Still think I will take a break though, I have run out of ideas/motivation
  5. I still play around a bit and a season still takes awhile. I think I have now had enough of this incarnation even though it is annoying the hell out of me I cant crack it and all I can think about when I'm not playing it is oh I wonder if I did X Y Z if that would help!
  6. Every other FM/Champ I have played I have never watched games and just have one tactic, has always worked before! I will try changing tactics depending on the team etc
  7. I actually watched both games, I normally just watch commentary, and I was playing well and 1-0 up until the 43rd minute when they scored two quick goals. They got at my lb badly and he lost his man and they scored two angled goals. Adam Johnson is a bit of a thorn in my side. I subbed him and changed to the more attacking 2 striker formation for the 2nd half and played fairly similar. Good advice for the AML/AMR, thanks
  8. Ok thanks for the input and explaining about the ass manager bit. I always like playing with two strikers, maybe I will try dropping the AML and AMR to ML and MR to see if that makes a difference. Last night I had two tough games home to Chelsea and away to Sunderland (good start to the season and above me) so I went more defensive and dropped a striker for a def mid. Mixed results really, the Chelsea game went really and I won 1-0 with them not really getting a look in all game. The Sunderland game however ended 3-3! Not a bad result I suppose considering how they are doing but was disappointing letting in three. If the opposing team plays with AML and AMR does having a ML and MR help to counter them?
  9. Oh I should have said that I often go 2-0 up and get pegged back to 2-2. Tried going more defensive when up and doesn't make much difference. I do also conceded quite a few
  10. To be honest I never know what to do when he says about short/long connecting well/poorly. Or shots from distance! Against top teams its very up and down, I dont usually change to much just maybe change to standard. I dont have different formations for different teams
  11. http://s1286.beta.photobucket.com/user/jameschudson/media/Arsenal_TacticsTeam-2_zpsa85c3335.png.html?sort=3&o=0#/user/jameschudson/media/Arsenal_TacticsTeam-2_zpsa85c3335.png.html?sort=3&o=0&_suid=1361989760211016804003085886848 http://s1286.beta.photobucket.com/user/jameschudson/media/Arsenal_TacticsOverview_zpsfae2fbc4.png.html?sort=3&o=1#/user/jameschudson/media/Arsenal_TacticsOverview_zpsfae2fbc4.png.html?sort=3&o=1&_suid=136198991926609683276315263303 http://s1286.beta.photobucket.com/user/jameschudson/media/Arsenal_FixturesSchedule_zpsa803b3d6.png.html?sort=3&o=2 Right hopefully the screenies will work! All comments and advice are welcome please, I dont think anything major is needed here but I am just struggling to get this fm right. I have won the champs lge twice, FA cup 3 times and lge cup twice but always fall short in the Prem. Any tweaks or where Im going worng. oh shouts I use are Retain Poss, play through defence and work ball into box.
  12. Im trying to upload some screenies as I need help but when I try and take a screen shot and paste it into paint it just shows a copy of my desktop. Any ideas what Im doing wrong?!
  13. So I thought I would pick up my save after a few months off. Missed the league again for the fourth season although I finished on 90 points which would normally be enough to win. Frustrating. Good news is that I did the treble of cups with the Capital One, FA for the second time and Champs League for the second beating beating Real, Barca then Juve. Cant remember exact fuigures but top performers where Ademilson who scored about 25, Ayew who scored about 15 from B2B, he is simply amazing, and Jack who got 22 assists and will be my vice captain next season and captain maybe the season after that. So overall not bad but disappointing I cant get that league title
  14. What sort of figures have people been getting when the sponsorship deals have been renegotiated? I only got a small increase, no where near real life
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