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  1. Oh, WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!! Also, third in our champs league group, but with Milan and Madrid, I can't complain. Maybe we scrape by Milan to go through
  2. Ok, I like Bresciano, Manfredini though might invest my money and throw some games.
  3. Harry going after anyone Ollie, I wouldn't think so, but you never know
  4. Redknapp Staying Put News from White Hart Lane tonight, manager Harry Redknapp will be staying with Spurs this season. With moves being made throughout the premiership and Tottenham coming of a top 4 place last season to earn Champions League football, many see this act of solidarity as a move positioned to try an give Spurs a run at a title with only league winner Chelsea keeping their manager and Man Utd, Liverpool, and Arsenal moving on with new men at the helm. Also, new chairman Danilo Uljarevic announced today that with financing secure right now and with extra money coming in through TV deals and Champions League media rights, no changes will be made to this season's upcoming budget. WE now just await word on Redknapp's targets and possible signings in the transfer market. More news from White Hart Lane as it arrives.
  5. Name: Danilo Uljarevic DOB: 2/29/1960 Nationallity: Croatian Club: Tottenham
  6. Downloaded, I think I need the one with the 9.3.1 patch, so that's what I went for.
  7. Those are the kind of ideas I'm looking for. A Royal Rumble might be harder, but KotR is doable as are some other ideas. I've also got some cool ideas when it comes to developing the sign-up for characteristics that kind of borrows from FMX, but will tie into wrestling. I'll probably open it up to 20, with the possibility to go to around 30 if interest is what I think it could be. Split evenly among faces and heels. If I get an editor soon I can try to get it up by the weekend, but I can't be certain on that. It's a tough and time consuming process so I'll do my best. It's a big goal for my first sign-up but if it's done correctly I'll really enjoy it.
  8. well, here's the thing, if someone links me the 2009 version of the Real-Time editor, I could conceivably create a wrestling based sign-up revolving around along of careers in the manner of a FMX Factor. Add challenges like a Streak challenge, some kind of faction, some other stuff. Then do eliminations until the final 2 people meet in a 'match' at Footballmania!
  9. Do you have any ideas as far as the scoring mechanism? The reason everything is stacked te way it is is that it might be hard to make a world team of the year or win world player of the year while the players who are still there will be hard. I think it's fair, but if it can be improved I'd love for it to happen. I will be running this on FM09, because I'm really cheap and am waiting for the final patch.
  10. So guys, I've been thinking of getting my feet wet here by acutally putting on a sign-up and it's an idea that might come outta left field. As very few of you know, I am a very big fan of professiona wrestling and I got a crazy idea in my head. Basically it's called "Be The Man". Ric Flair holds the record in America with the most world title wins with 16. This will be the football equvilent. I will create 16 forum users and place them on free deals in Europe to go to whomever signs them. All players will be age of 23, which is when Flair made his debut, so they will only be in the game world for around a decade. Now, onto the scoring mechanism. Flair always said that to be the man, you gotta beat the man, so the quest will be for our players to rack up 17 total points on a scale that I have created for this. League Team of The Year: 1 point World Team of the Year: 2 points League Player of the Year: 1 Point World Player of the Year: 3 Point If you have earned more than 17 points, congrats, you beat the man, but did you beat your opponents. The player with the most points at the time everyone retires will be crowned the champion. I know it seems out there, but does anyone think that I could get some interest for this?
  11. I hope you guys do like it, hopefully part one will be up on Sunday, but we will see.
  12. wow, shows you how much attention I was paying to that post! What I meant to say is that I felt the reason my two other stories never worked out was that I didn't give the story anywhere to go. I put too much information into the lead and then didn't have enough background to develop my storylines further. Hopefully I'm going away from that in what I'm writing right now. Sorry for any confusion.
  13. My issue is really finding someone where to go after the start. I've never really found something strong to do with, but I think hwen I debut this story it will work.
  14. Hey guys, I'm working on a story and I expect to have some of it up this weekend. Hopefully it turns out better than my others have
  15. Well Gentlemen, with my school year winding down I'm happy to say that I will be trying to get a story going here this week. My Diary Story didn't work out as I was too far along and tried to right it looking back, but this one should work better. Cheers
  16. This is going to be some fun 10-3, the writing is easily top notch.
  17. Yep, Open the door wide enough to capture any audience.
  18. Ah.. put me down for Jamaica. Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its football time!
  19. too bad you didn't take up Journalism, that would have given us three on these boards.
  20. Well, you can only do so much to help them, if players aren't performing like at the end of your run, you get fired. Either way, your story is very well written, and could be a sleeper for some FMS awards.
  21. My take on this issue guys is pretty straight forward. If you as a writer are able to hook in people to read your stories, people will come back. Case it point, the first story I really got into here was a story written by archie10, which name escapes me now. It was set in Australia, and I enjoyed it, because it off the beaten path. I like people going to other locations than the English sides and telling great stories and learning about thinks there. I enjoy P-FM's 'Aston Villa' story because he's having great success and once you get going on results, you become hooked. I'm part of Mark's Welsh story, because I like to have fun. I enjoy reading 'Jokerman' and 'Broken Hearts' because they are both highly quirky and have interesting plot devices and stories. People on this part of the FM forums all have certain tastes. Most people want to know how a team is doing and it's success. Some want to laugh, some want to think. I guess what it comes down to is the fact that as long as you play to your niche as a writer, you will get a fanbase, be it big or small that will enjoy reading your work, and that's the true reward. EDIT: And as soon as I finish typing this, I see that others have beaten me to the point.
  22. well put Ben, happy to see another Journalism student here in FMS!
  23. Wow Brettney that sound really interesting. i wouldn't mind being a part of that
  24. TanO, I really think you have something going here. Maybe what you could do is a fantasy draft style thing, where you open up most of the best players in the world, that way you really do get the guys drafting players they want for the formation they feel like running. Like draft the starting 11, then a five person bench, and randomly fill in the rest of the team? I don't know, but I feel like that might be the best way to do it with what you want to do.
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