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  1. Well, hopefully the takeover at Lillehammer helps out a bit in the future.
  2. What a terrible second half of the season, if it were good I'd say that a shot at 400 was a real possibility, it still may be, but right now the goal is 350.
  3. joint top scorer at Lillehammer, maybe one central defender really can do it all!
  4. Well, probably shouldn't have decided to be a central defender sweeper hybrid. Live and Learn I guess
  5. I don't know where Kwesi thinks he's going... he's valued at a ridiculous sum of money though.
  6. Aston Villa would like to announce the changing in the Transfer Budget to 0 with the money taken out of the transfer budget going into the wage budget.
  7. Wait, I'm already retired from International play? I'm 17!!!
  8. Turning out for Lillehammer huh? Perhaps I'll be inspired by the surrounding Olympic history!
  9. Heck, if I get into the 200's after not playing a first team game for almost 4 years that's a success for me I think.
  10. well... still shocked to be around Chelsea, but I'm the new Drogba it seems for them
  11. Huh, well that sure is bizarre. I guess I was the only talent coming through the ranks, or everyone's caught up huh?
  12. Hey Charles, can I at least get an update on how Nigeria has done in past African Nations Cups?
  13. Ok ,I'd like to move AV's tranfer budget down to 5 million punds and take that money and put it into my wage budget.
  14. An even Century, I never thought I'd get there if I'm honest.
  15. I have a feeling that if we beat Brazil in the penality shootout we would have won the whole thing. Ah well happy to be named to the Dream Team, even if it's as a sub.
  16. really liking that last group for Nigeria, I hope I'll be there.
  17. Young Player of The Year in England... on the right track!
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