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  1. default skin

    my skin has gone weird, im using the default skin and im quite sure that on the news page, my new messages pop up as blue and im sure that is for dark skin, anybody got any suggestions on how to make it right?
  2. didnt know where to post this, so here goes! ive just recently started using sky's broadband router and on the game i have 2 ip addresses, when i was connected up to just a modem everything was fine and friends could connect no problem. But i dont know wat to do know i have 2 ip addresses, i dont know how to forward ports and sort out routers, i know how to use computers im just not that technical when it comes to things like this?? CAN ANYONE HELP!!!
  3. Capatains!!!

    i was wondering whether anyone as come across this problem??? ive got a captain and vice captain(obviously) but my captains injured and i replace the vice captain with someone else, but it keeps saying ive not selected a captain and chooses someone else, but shouldnt the vice captain be selected?
  4. hi, im trying to play an fm10 with my mate, we connect the old fashioned way, we dont use hamachi or anything like that and im not port forwarding. we have played all other fm's without any problem. is there some problem with him connecting his mac to my pc which runs on vista?? plz help???
  5. currrently managing at west ham. started at ipswich, left them to go to a relegated west ham. currently top of the league! and my central defender is currently top goalscorer with 15goals lol
  6. im sick and tired of the bit after the press conference, where it may say so and so as had a cagey press conference because i didnt want to answer a question/or i put the middle option to a question, any ideas on why this happens. all because i do this for one question why is the press conference cagey, weird!!!
  7. i usually get players getting the winner after a goal drought, winds me up
  8. PC/MAC game

    anyone please, need help urgently
  9. PC/MAC game

    im trying to host a game with my mate, but he cant seem to join. we tried through hamachi but didnt work, it just says he cant get onto it my server etc! we tried the normal way for hell off it but didnt work either??? anybody got any ideas??? im on the pc and mates on the mac cheers
  10. lol i agree, i certaintly have got more patient etc. i was 16 when fm05 came out and im now 22, so i hope many many happy years to come
  11. i just would like to know if the way they do the champs league last 16 is reflected in the patch http://www.uefa.com/competitions/ucl/news/kind=1/newsid=936095.html
  12. Why Won't The Game Launch?

    but generally all it needs is a restart of steam, thats all
  13. Why Won't The Game Launch?

    u just need to restart steam, ive had a couple of times!!