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  1. I'm playing as Charlton, won promotion last year from League One with my own tactics but they didn't seem to work in the Championship to. I used a a few different tactics from here with varying levels of success but none were brilliant. I started using this last night and I've played 8 won 6 drawn 1 lost 1. My last game was against Man City in the FA Cup and I smashed them 3 - 0 completely outplayed them as well. In one game I was 1 - 0 down and had a man sent off. At half time I swithched to counter and removed the custom Defensive line and tempo settings and came back to win 3-2. So I think that works too. The only changes I've made are too set pieces which seem to have been succesfull too. Great tactic....................seems to make the game a bit too easy would be my only criticism..........still early days though i guess
  2. Simply Effective

    I've finished the season and managed too beat Man U in the FA Cup Final 3-1 (playing Control for the whole game) and Barcelona in the Champions League Final 1-0 (playing Defensive until the 81st minute then switching to Contain)
  3. Simply Effective

    Another Download http://www.filefront.com/15785869/New%20Wave%203-4-3%20Upload%20%28Liverpool%2C%20May%202010%29.tac
  4. Over the years I have adopted many different approaches to playing CM/FM from the destructive power of Diablo too the ME smashing corner 'cheats' and also using sets such as the better halfs. I've also sometimes developed my own tactics which have sometimes proved succesfull, maybe some of you tried MacAttack 5-3-2?? I stopped enjoying FM after using Mr Hough's Domination tactic as it made the game far to easy and in my opinion sucked a lot of the fun out playing, no offence meant. I didn't play for a while and then decided to give it another go and try and develop a simple tactic that gave me a sense of control during matches and meant my decisions made a difference. I've developed a 3-4-3 diamond tactic with 3 out an out strikers that all score and an AM that gets shed loads of assists. I've spent the the first season as Liverpool manager developing the tactic and I've won the prem with a game to spare and I'm also in the final of the FA Cup and Champions League. Having won the league I thought it was as good a time as any to post it on here. I've developed this tactic on patch 10.2 and haven't updated yet because i'm enjoying the game but I will update at some point to test it out. I haven't used any OI during the season and the only thing I'll change is the starting strategy. I will generally play Attacking at home unless the scout report mentions the opposition counter attack in which case I may play Control. If I'm an underdog at any point I'll maybe use Defensive for a majority of the game. Away from home is, as expected, trickier but i've found Attacking early on and switching to Control once you've scored works well when your favourites, if your not Defend/Counter. I also change my passing style slightly if the scout report mentions the pitch favouring a more direct style and if it mentions congestion in the middle i'll focus passing down the flanks and so on. I'll post the tactic on here in case anyone wants to give a try but overall i'd reccomend developing your own as the most enjoyable way of playing the game. I will test my tactic out with a lower standard side also but if anyone wants to try it first and post some feedback that would be good. I think the tactic could still be improved and i will continue to try too make it better. One key thing I need to do is get more from my wide midfielders, any ideas would be much appreciated. Any questions please ask......... Download http://rapidshare.com/files/361172570/New_Wave_3-4-3_Upload__Liverpool__May_2010_.tac.html
  5. Arsenal FC - British Beef Challenge

    80 Million for Fab......thats impressive
  6. Arsenal FC - British Beef Challenge

    If its Season 3, no, if its before that they can make up part your first team aslong as you stay within the parameters
  7. Arsenal FC - British Beef Challenge

    Theres nothing stopping you playing him but he has to be sold by the end of the first transfer window
  8. Arsenal FC - British Beef Challenge

    Is there a 25 man squad max? must of missed that. If that is the case Its just your entire first team that needs to be British by the end of season 3. You can have foreign players in your reserves for the purpose of young players gaining citizenship.
  9. Arsenal FC - British Beef Challenge

    Nope, nationalization must be confirmed. Sorry for the delay, been away
  10. Arsenal FC - British Beef Challenge

    Thanks for the assist, good luck if you try the challenge. Anyone made any progress yet?
  11. Arsenal FC - British Beef Challenge

    Cunning plan Baldrick
  12. Arsenal FC - British Beef Challenge

    Yes, anyone who takes up british nationality after a period of five years. Such as Almunia can do sometimes
  13. Arsenal FC - British Beef Challenge

    Sorry for the delay, I've not really given this much thought before and no one has asked but if he'll resign and you want to use the funds this way then yes I think it should be allowed, don't think it'll happen though
  14. I posted this challenge on the dugout forum and its gone down quite well so I thought i'd open it up to you guys. The general idea for this challenge is to eradicate all of Arsene Wenger's years of hard work whilst achieving success to rub it in his nose. You will need to take over as Arsenal boss and get rid of his entire backroom team (down to the tea lady) then sell............Cesc Fabregas!!! Next you will need to have a maximum first team squad size of 30 and at least 10 of those must be English (inc. Welsh/Scottish/N.Irish). This must be achieved by the end of the first transfer window. This will progress into season 2 where 20 of 30 will need to be English and by the end of season 3 your entire first team squad of 30 must be English. Nationalized imports will be allowed. Whilst this will be the parameters you'll need to operate within you will score points in the following fashion 100 points for a Champions League title 100 points for a Premier League title 25 points for a League Cup title 50 points for an FA Cup title 10 points for winning the Community Shield 50 points for winning the European Super Cup 75 points for winning the World Club Cup 25 bonus points for having the league's top scorer 10 bonus points for being the highest placed London club 30 bonus points for winning the double (Premier League and FA Cup) 50 bonus points for winning the treble (Premier League,FA Cup and Euro) 100 bonus points for fielding an all english team in any cup final and winning 25 bonus points for having 3+ england internationals in the first season 50 bonus points for having 5+ england internationals in the first season 10 bonus points for every current england international you sign Screenshots after the first transfer deadline needed to enter the challenge showing fabregas sale and first team meeting the required parameters. Screenshot of empty staff list also needed (if some staff are unriddable, this will be accepted if proven with a screenshot) Screenshots needed to backup all achievements. Hope this get some interest as i'll be competing also P.s you can sign foreign backroom staff and resign the staff you get rid of, if they'll sign P.P.S you can sign foreign players aslong as you stay within the squad parameters
  15. I've had problems with Robinho but that was expected really, i think its until your established and have been with your team for a while, players don't trust you