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  1. 2012/2013 Season Overview Transfers Premiership Champions League Team Stats Other Awards FA Cup Trophy League Cup Trophy
  2. Just finished season two. Will have a full update tomorrow. There was some good and some bad this season but overall I was happy with how it turned out.
  3. Season 1 Overview Transfers Out Michael Carrick: 5 million Park Ji Sung: 4.7 million Transfers In Mark Marin: 20 million Marouane Fellaini: 22 million Vaclav Kadlec: 5.5 million Bruma: 1.4 million 2011/2012 Premiership Team Stats Awards 2011/2012 Premiership Trophy FA Cup Trophy 2011/2012 Manager of the Year Team of the Year included: Ashley Young, Nani, Javier Hernandez, Wayne Rooney, and Nemanja Vidic
  4. No no complacency really and it wasn't like we were performing poorly. We were playing great football, we just couldn't pull out the wins. That stretch is going to end up costing me the Premiership. Man City don't lost to anyone but my team really and they have a four point lead on me with a few games left. I'll be posting a whole first season update once I finish the year. I'm just about the play Barca in the Champions League Sem, should be interesting.
  5. This game makes no sense some times. I went on a 19 game unbeaten streak in the PL and then all of the sudden out of no where I can't win against anyone. I've not went 5 or 6 games and have tied every single one of them. I'll dominate and create 4 or 5 CC and have 60% possession and still tie 2-2.
  6. I've played a bunch more games and I'm still not having the success that I had on the demo, but I'm getting results so its not that bad I guess. Hopefully the team can start scoring some more goals now that they have more confidence and are winning more games.
  7. Yea I don't know whats going on. I scored 66 goals on my demo save and so far throughout my game now I am struggling to score 2 goals a game. I even struggled in the preseason.
  8. Ive dominated a bunch of games but the whole team can't finish. I think I had 3 or 4 clear cut chances against Newcastle but didn't score one goal. I've tried tweaking a few things but nothing seems to be working
  9. I'm not sure whether to make changes or to stick it out. I've already lost to Newcastle and Man City. I can't drop any more points.
  10. My demo tactic that was scoring loads and loads of goals, is really struggling to score on the full game.
  11. Ok I the top is now visible, but the bottom isn't fully. I think it'll work, but is there a way for the bottom to fully show up. Also after pasting the FM.app file onto my desktop, it now doesn't show the logo. Is that a problem?
  12. The fm.app file is the FM 12 logo file correct? Also I copied the code after the 5th dict and it didn't work.
  13. How would I go about backing up the original fm.app file? Sorry for asking all these questions. Just want to make sure I'm doing it correctly. It didn't work for me either. The whole game still doesn't show up. The top and bottom are too big for the screen.
  14. I found the info.plist file, but where do I put the code now? Just anywhere?
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