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  1. Hey fellas, I couldnt face playing my game for the past few weeks because I know Im not going to win the league and then I'll either get fired or have to resign. Bit dramatic I know but there you go! I'll send the records thing to Wendsill in a pm so he can start posting and re-editing it. Good luck! Had to do it as email - had a few probs with the pm
  2. oh man having another nightmare season - don't know if I'm going to be able to ride this job out so I'm going to throw all my youngsters into the pot, try to get a billion pound transfer budget and then next season I might have to resign : ( Its a sad day
  3. @rpvw wow, thanks! So are Ajax on tv like we have premier league on Sky?
  4. @rpvw Are you in Holland? If not, where did you watch the Ajax match? If you are, what is the significance of lions and bulls that are relatively prevalent on the club logos? Starting a new season and I'm pretty confident of a good one but Ive already drawn a match so I'm going to take a break for tonight and smash a season tomorrow in record time. Incidentally, if you are sacked, do you just linger in the ether till a club approaches you or accepts an application?
  5. you got some nice players there rpvw. This year I had some great youth in my intake, but...I finished 6th in the league! KNocked out of the cup in the third round, failed to qualify from my champs league group, knocked out in first round of the euro cup. Janssen won the top player and goal scorer again. Stadium is being expanded by 16000 seats. A lot of players have made a lot of progress which is good because if I don't get sacked before the start of the next season then its a miracle and I'll need to win the league to keep my job. I sold my main keeper because he thought he was it, which was fine because I had 2 decent reserve level keepers and 2 youth keepers that my ass man thought would be key players...but when my best youth keeper and 2 reserve keepers got injured...i paid a price. Some positives though, the youth keepers have really pushed on and a left winger I nearly let go turned out to have a great season. Anyway, will wait to see if i get sacked and if not then i'll post my team and best youth prospects!
  6. anyone else think there's some brill logos for Dutch teams? Fortuna Sittards' is amazing!
  7. Another disappointing season - finished 2nd which, believe me, is an achievement considering how poorly we were at the start of the season. Gutted we had an amazing run at the end of the season but muffed up my last 2 games and actually could have won the league. Went out in the first knockout round of the Champs League to OL after coming first in my group, knocked out in the fourth round of the Cup. It was very much a youth development season and think I might be strong enough to take the title back next season but am really hoping i don't lose Rob. Anyway, 2 new records for average rating and goals scored:
  8. Aw chef I am gutted for you. Strange you're still having so many problems. Is the comp or a dodgy download?
  9. hey mike, yep any competitive match stat counts unless otherwise stated. Post a screenie for evidence. Cheers
  10. I'm going to add these to the record lists. I'll fill in my records so that posters can challenge them. If you want any more up let me know. RECORDS Only competitive matches are taken into account. And of course you need to provide a screenshot Biggest Eredivisie win (largest difference between goals scored and conceded) - 10-0 vs De Graafschap by davetems Biggest win in a domestic Cup game - 8-0 vs ADO Den Haag by davetems New Biggest win in European Competition - 10-1 vs Seville by davetems New Biggest Derby Win (against PSV or Feyenoord) - 8-1 vs PSV by PO/'D Highest scoring game - 12-2 vs Go ahead by Leandro Kina Highest % possession in one game - 88% vs Debrecen by Leandro Kina New Most goals scored in one league season - 140 Least goals conceded in one league season - 15 by PO/'D Largest goal difference at end of season - +117 Most points in one season - 93 by Chef RaekwonNew Most games won in a row - 21 Most games without defeat - 34 by enori Most games without conceding a goal - 10 by Chef Raekwon New Most 1st team goal scorers in one season - 21 Most Eredivisie Titles in a row - 5 by davetems Most Champions League Titles in a row - Most European Cup Titles in a row - Most Dutch Cups won in a row - 2 Winner of Reserves League with the most points - Winner of U-19s league with the most points - Most Dutch Super Cups won in a row - 3 Players Most goals scored in one game - 7 Mounir El Hamdaoui by enori Most goals scored in one season - 49 Rob Janssen by davetems New Most assists in one season - 34 Eriksen by PO/'D Most assists in one match - 6 John Fleck by Leandro Kina Most MotM awards in one season - 13 Rob Janssen by davetems Fastest goal - 13 seconds Davy Klaassen Fastest hat-trick - 7 mins Mounir El Hamdaoui by PO\'D Youngest goalscorer - Franz Riedle 14 yrs 365 days by superstar111111 New Highest average rating over 1 season (30 games+ needed) - 8.18 Rob Janssen (43 apps) by davetems New Winner of young player of the year with the highest rating - Guy De Bruin 7.85 Winner of Eredivisie Golden Boot Award with the highest number of goals - Rob Janssen 41 goals Oldest goalscorer - Marco Materazzi 38 years 64 days Most League Appearances for the club - Most League goals for the club - Highest Pass completion in a match - Most dribbles in a match - Transfers Most spent on one player - 9.25 million Xherdan Shaqiri by enori Most received for one player (In pounds) - 875k plus 37.5 mil Sebastien Izaguirre by Leandro Kina New @Leandro Kina Can we get a screenie of the 37.5 million pound player? Must be bloody good!
  11. I converted Rob to a striker with an attacking, roaming midfielder position and he's smashing goals in for fun. If he carries on like this he might break the av rating record! Not going to be a great season though, will qualify from my champs league group but don't know if Ill win the league. Hope I win the cup or something because I reckon they might sack me if I post another 3rd place!
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