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  1. corbs87

    Low transfer offers...

    Yeah the players seem to hate this. Even if its not even double their value. Have had more transfer requests due to this than unsettled by bids.
  2. corbs87

    FM14: Aston Villa - Prepared

    I managed to keep Okore by promising a Euro cup win and then delivering. Still can't get my side to finish higher than fifth though.
  3. corbs87

    FM14: Aston Villa - Prepared

    That sucks. I only got 7 for Helanius, but i played him on the wing all season. Record signing Douglas Costa out for 5 months with a broken foot:(
  4. corbs87

    FM14: Aston Villa - Prepared

    Benteke and Okore for £30mil for the pair?:confused: Or do you mean each. I got £32mil for Benteke alone! Okore is still with me valued at £17mil.
  5. corbs87

    FM14: Aston Villa - Prepared

    Not really. You're looking at cheap loans and the odd free transfer in the first year.
  6. corbs87

    FM14: Aston Villa - Prepared

    So after a sensational season where i won the FA cup and performed decently in the league (8th) I managed to sign a load of promising young players for my push in the Europa. Despite the FA cup triumph Bentekers was still after a move to a bigger club and causing a lot of disruption within the squad. Sold him to Bayern for £32mil in January of the second season and replaced him with Volland for 11mil.
  7. corbs87

    FM14: Good Midfielders

    Yeah was a few back for sure. He signed for my Villa team for 18k and was been very good so far.
  8. corbs87

    FM14: Good Midfielders

    Name: Franco Zuculini Age: 22 Nationality: Argentina Club: Unattached Position: Dm/Cm Value: Free Sale Value: N/A Work Permit Needed?: No, Italian second nationality. Was always a decent if unspectacular DM in previous games. As he's free should be a decent signing, with low wages.
  9. Yeah there was talk of it when Liverpool were trying to re-sign Ince. Blackpool wanted more due to the discount.
  10. 4-4-2 essentially. First team: Reina Johnson Skrtel Agger Enrique Henderson Lucas Gerrard Sahin Suarez Bony Although rotating my squad a fair bit. Henderson as winger-attack, Lucas-BtoB, Gerrard-Adv. Playmaker-Attack, Sahin-Wide midfielder-Support. Bought Keven Gameiro in for $11mil on deadline day. My DoF sent Jones out on loan even though I tried to stop him, had to blow $1mil on Speroni as back up.
  11. Bought in Guiza (loan), Redmond £7.5mil, Bony £7.5mil and Dzagozev (free). Top of the league in January. Guiza asked to be sent back due to not playing enough. Board haven't offered me any more money, although i've only shipped out Doni for £1.5mil.
  12. corbs87

    Whoohoo! Im not fat afterall!!

    There was really no need for the vag to be on show in that photo.
  13. Did your eyebrows grow back?
  14. Liverpool? Are you some kind of idiot?