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  1. Loads of great advice there, thanks. Yes, it would be image processing and editing in Photoshop rather than general graphics, and I've always done that on a PC before rather than a laptop, but this time around I'd like a laptop with the ability to process images. If I was to get a dedicated graphics card as well, is there one you'd recommend for say another £100-ish? As you can tell, it's several years since I've chosen a laptop or PC and I'm very out of touch. I'll have a look at pcspecialist now. Thanks again.
  2. Welshace, I've been reading this thread for a while and your advice to users like myself, who are considering a new laptop, is really valuable. If I can chime in with a question too, do you know if the laptop you linked above would be good for Photoshop and Lightroom too? They plus FM16 would be the main uses of my next laptop and I'm hoping to find something in this sort of budget that could handle both. Obviously I would need a good quality screen as well as processing power, and wondered if you've come across a laptop that would do a good job for me? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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