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  1. Interviewed after today's Spain match, Conte said that his team are playing (tactically) like a combination of Barcelona and Atletico. This is a great quote and would be a very interesting prompt to help us with this tactic.
  2. This is huge. If the game is allowing us to make specific promises like this then of course it should not lump them together? Sometimes I take care to tell one player he will be sold if there is a bid that meets our valuation but another player that he will be sold after we find a replacement. It is a big difference.
  3. Yes, Spurs08, that would make sense. And it would not surprise me if he did indeed manage to get his demanded 65k p/w at Bayern. He was brought to the Euros with Italy and made his intl debut so I bet that on the open market he would earn around that much. Your experiment would be interesting to check for sure, but I do think he would earn in that ballpark and I actually think that makes perfect sense as far as realism goes. My issue is not this, but the unhappiness penalty it seems that the manager gets inflicted with when "breaking a promise", as I described earlier. First of all, there has been no actual bid from Bayern, just interest I noticed on his player screen. So if he wants to get all unhappy about me rejecting a bid that will be a different and understandable situation. As a manager now I expect realistically that, having rejected my offer of 4x his wages, he should now either buckle down and work at his current deal w 3 years left and ask again later, be unhappy that he didn't get a raise but play on, or make a big fuss to leave if a bid comes in.
  4. Yes, that is one example of a way to do it. In the much larger ecosystem of professional football/soccer obviously there are many ways to run your club (as a selling team, a buying team, etc etc...). I think that the issue here with FM is that the player unhappiness comes about a little too forcefully and automatically for what in real life might be a much more cloudy situation with far more nuance than the FM system accounts for. Actually, I think the FM system mentions and discusses lots of the nuances of this complex contract renewal player unhappiness dynamic but doesn't actually account for them. In the end it just gives a binary either A) player unhappy or B) player agrees to continue along. When the game does a good job of discussing among the media, agents, players, all of the factors involved, the outcome is a let-down when the result is always just one of two clear options. In my example with Baselli, I'd love for the game to have factored in my contract offer, the interested other clubs, the time remaining on his deal, etc etc and perhaps made him unhappy to the point where his performance might suffer for a time, or he asks to leave if an offer actually comes in, but not go so far as to make him unhappy that I "broke a promise" and now the whole team is mad at me.
  5. Cheers for the responses. Hunter you've exactly right, but it definitely seems like something worth figuring out... and not all that hard, since numbers are involved inherently anyway in the offer negotiation. Realistically, I would understand if the player were unhappy that we were unable to agree terms, so the game ought to reflect that level of unhappiness. Ideally it would recognize that a reasonable offer was made and allow the player a level of unhappiness (disappointment) accordingly, but not penalize the manager for a "promise break", since an offer was made in good faith. Obviously the manager offering a lowball throwaway offer ought to result in the equivalent or close to the unhappiness penalty of a promise break. I would expect that the game engine could scale the unhappiness that the player feels based on the level of contract offered, proportionate to his demands. The way I see the whole situation, the in-form player asked for a new contract despite a long duration remaining (3 years), the manager agreed to reward the player and that his new level of play deserved a higher contract, they discussed terms and the player was offered to quadruple his wages but turned the offer down wanting more. Obviously it is a complex situation, but it would suit the level of FM's generally exceptional realism better if the game handled this with less black and white.
  6. Well if thats the case, then I would recommend to SI that they create some more detail within this promise system so that all promises aren't fully binary. I promised to offer him a new deal and did. If he has insane demands and doesn't agree then its as if I never offered anything at all and broke my promise. As a manager my thinking behind the handling of the situation, as I described in the first post, seems pretty realistic. It would be great if SI figured out a way to allow this sort of process to occur more freely to accommodate a realistic handling like I tried to have happen.
  7. I'm managing Torino, toward the end of 1st season my best performing and fan favorite player Baselli (valued at an amazing 19m pounds, "first team" status on 12k p/w with 3 years left) asked for a new contract. I told him I would offer him one at the end of the season because I agreed that he has earned a better deal. Now the season just finished and I go to offer him a deal and he asks for a huge contract (for Torino, we finished 4th) of Key Player on 63k p/w for 5 years with big bonuses too. This would make him my highest paid player by far and he's just not THAT good. Bayern and Chelsea are interested in him though I only have noticed this on his player page, nothing concrete yet. I have other options for his position but despite him having 3 years left on his deal I do feel he has earned a raise and he won fans player of the season so I try to offer him First Team around 40k p/w. We go back and forth and I'm offering higher than I am comfortable with and finish by offering a non negotiable 45k p/w. He rejects. Fair enough. But now my manager promise still shows 8 days left to "offer a new contract". So. What do I do? I did offer him a good faith contract, as promised. He rejected my terms of a more than 300% pay rise (w new bonuses). Seems to me that a promise to "offer" a contract really means I have promised to "agree" a contract. Now I'm obviously a few days away from a fight with the fans most popular player. He asked way way too much (to sixtuple his wage). This is my fault that we couldn't agree? I understand if he turns in to an unhappy player since we failed to agree, that seems reasonable. But I can tell that the game is going to kick in some extra unhappiness boost due to me not fulfilling my promise. This part seems wrong, because I did fulfill my promise.
  8. New stadium, Adzke? Finally. What year are you in and what's your bank balance?
  9. Good stuff Epie. Any sign of a new stadium or expansion in the current one? How are your finances looking? I'm just a few games into my second season, having finished second in Serie A in season one, but some 15 points back of Juve who had Tevez score an absurd 38 league goals in 38 games. Secured Florenzi myself during the season 1 Jan transfer window but on a future transfer for the end of the season. It was a very tough decision because I wanted him immediately obviously, but my bank balance was basically at zero, so although I could have pulled off the transfer, it would have really hurt my finances and I didn't want to take the risk being in that "stuck" position financially at the end of the season where my board enacts all sorts of restrictions with only seemingly partial awareness that the end of season money will make it all OK. Especially with the Berardi decision looming over my head and not knowing how that would go. So I was able to hang on to 2nd place with my team as it was, not signing anyone except future transfers (frees -Bakkali, Praet, Rabiot- plus Florenzi) in January. It crossed my mind to go ahead and sign Florenzi outright in Jan to try to make a push for the title, but Juve were just so far ahead already at that point it seemed unlikely. Lost Berardi unfortunately due to a higher (but not Adzke high) bid from Juve that I was unable to match with my entire given transfer budget even if I'd wanted. Determined to get the boy back as soon as possible, he completely dictated games for me from the AMR spot and despite signing several replacement options I can already see his influence missing. Signed Gabriel Barbosa (thankfully a left footer) who I'm retraining at AMR to hopefully emulate the way Berardi played. I'm having visions of Serie A's new "fenomeo" brazilian ronaldo, but so far through 6 games he hasn't scored despite looking excellent and popping up in all the right spots. Feeling confident about him in the long run. Also convinced Ben Arfa to join on a free in June after I'd lost Berardi, figuring that despite his low teamwork clashing very much with the high tempo short passing style of my team, perhaps having another option of style on that AMR position would help. Worst case scenario, I can keep him happy enough for a half season and sell him for a profit on paying merely the bonuses. On a positive note, Sansone has opened the season in great form with a flurry of goals. He was solid but unspectacular in season 1 and hearing how well some of you have said he's played, I'm hoping that this early form is a sign of things to come in season 2. Seems to be taking a personal responsibility to make up for the loss of Berardi. Love it. One annoyance I've noticed that I do not recall being true in previous FM editions, is that when I sign a young player on a free (Rabiot and Bakkali specifically), they do not want to go on loan immediately. This is problematic because I can't give them enough playing time at the moment but do not want their development to suffer on my bench and U-20 games. I feel like I remember that previously players wouldn't mind going on loan right after signing. These guys are rejecting offers (and offers mainly aren't coming in despite repeated offering out) as if they were rejecting signing for a new team right after signing for me. So I've been stuck with them, which is very annoying to find enough games to give them minutes in while keeping a large squad happy.
  10. Both my youth and training facilities are being upgraded and should be done by summer after first season. I always bug the board until they allow me, so to be honest I forget if they were reluctant or not... I think it didn't take too much. Can't stand the idea of my players not getting as good as they could be due to training on low quality training grounds. I don't have a ton of impressive youth players yet, save one 17 year old who I poached from another Italian team, but my starting lineup is nearly all between 19-23, so its imperative to me that we have proper first team training facilities as soon as possible. Adzke, regarding the stadium, its a shame that just because it was built recently the game doesn't like to allow a new stadium to be built. Its not even Sassuolo's home stadium and it sounds like IRL they were in a bit of a pickle about where to play. That, plus hopefully some fast success in my game should really be the exact recipe for a new stadium to be built. Assuming I can secure and preserve enough funds, obviously. Fingers crossed.
  11. MOST FUN I CAN EVER REMEMBER ON FM. Sorry bout the caps. Sassuolo are that fun. In November of my first season, Sitting in 3rd, 7 wins 0 draws 4 losses. Beat Milan 3-0, beat Fiorentina from behind 4-2, blown out 4-1 by Roma, but played great games against Inter and Juve despite losing both. This is a great young team to build up, really enjoying it. Probably also because I'm watching ever game in comprehensive highlights (nearly everything) or even full game, which makes it so much more exciting when we finally score that goal we've been deserving on the run of play. Or against it. Usually in FM im in too much of a rush to get to the transfer windows so I watch most of the season in extended highlights once I get my tactics squared away. --To do so with Sassuolo would be missing out! Making Barcelona look slow with their own 4-3-3 style. Counter-Flexible. Ultra high tempo, short passing, retain possession, pass into space, play out of defense. Thats basically the bread n butter. Intriguing storylines in this first season too, considering the Berardi situation hanging over my head for the upcoming summer. At the moment only 4m in the bank, but assuming I can make a big bid to keep him how high will I go? He's playing AMR inside forward and getting better and better. Leading scorer and many assists. Sansone seems inconsistent for me. Scores at big moments, but can have very quiet games. Managed to convince Samuel Umtiti to join so he's keeping the back organized nicely. Zaza scored a few in the first weeks and has gone very cold playing complete striker (support). Bought Andrea Belotti from Palermo to be his back up and my striker in case Zaza were tempted to leave. Last game against Parma we were 1-0 down until the 70th minute. Zaza doing nothing so took him out and Belotti scores twice to win it. That may have been the final straw for a while, Belotti is deserving to start the next game. Should be interesting with the first transfer window coming in January. If I can manage to stay up the table by then I assume I'll have some bids to try to fight off for Sansone, Zaza, and Berardi who people have been sniffing around. Lots of choices of who to sell and who to try and keep to build the team around. Highly recommended save, and I might not have started it without this thread and great OP by Adzke. Question on my mind for the future is how long will it take to get a new stadium built for these guys? I read that in real life they are playing in the nearby town because their own stadium was too small for Serie A. So, Adzke, assuming you won two CL's.... are you still playing at the small Mapei?
  12. So. Just watched a full match, switching roughly 25 minute periods with a Libero (both styles) and a central (of the back 3) BPD. My eyes hurt. Dont get too caught up in analyzing the overall tactic, unless part of it is very relevant to what the player in question (Libero/BPD guy) is doing. But, for context: my Frankfurt team played the formation described in the OP, highly structured, attacking, much higher defensive line, lower tempo, roam from positions, more expressive, retain possession. Then, at times I tinkered with adding work ball into box, shorter passing, much lower tempo, close down more, to see if they helped me to bring forth the Libero. For my Libero I used Umtiti in the Sweeper position. (He had zero familiarity with it but at least had the stats I wanted). Overall, my takeaway was that the Libero position is probably what I'm looking for. (So now watch SI go n change it due to your thread:rolleyes:) Mainly because even on attacking the Libero does not venture too far forward and never once passed either MC. (Once in a while the deeper MC came deeper than the Libero to pick up the ball, but the Libero never ventured very far forward). --Which is exactly what I wanted! However, the Libero didn't get used as a passing outlet in that spot as much as I'd wanted. Part of this was probably due to me playing against a team playing a flat 4-5-1 so he was kind of occupied by the enemy striker and some of the passing lanes to him were risky. Since he is supposed to be the pressure releasing outlet here, this meant my MCs preferred to hoof it forward on hope of something happening when they were short on options rather than pass to the Libero as was intended. But it did work enough that I'm hopeful this can be worked around and improved. Against teams playing with two strikers or maybe not sitting so deep against me as these lower league guys did, it might work better. Interestingly, when I played a Ball Playing Defender (stopper) as my central defender my players and MC's in particular seemed to want to pass the ball to him more. Even though he was deeper positionally, it was like he was calling for the ball more. So he received more of those backwards diagonal passes from the MC's in front of him. (The passes and triangle that I'm trying to create). The enemy striker was still nearby him, so I think that was a non-variable. Ideally, the players get smart enough at their subtle movements here to shift the triangle around a lone enemy striker, or in between a pairing of them. But despite the BPD seeming to receive a few more passes his way, he was sitting deeper than I'd hoped and wasn't really helping the play much. I think the Libero seems to be the way to go here. On support, the Libero was not quite pushed up enough, but decent. On attack, he was in pretty much just the right spot but seemed to have a built in higher creativity allowance, and sent a few too many long balls for my liking. It doesn't let you use many player instructions on the Libero so it will be tough to make him stop this. Probably have to train some PPMs. All in all, I'll probably settle on a Libero (attack), although choosing between attack and support might require a bit more studying of games. Funny part is that this is all due to the fact that Libero (attack), as your thread points out KongeMeier, is clearly not acting as the role description says he will. So now I can't tell if I'm rooting for SI to change it or not. They probably ought to, and make the future Libero (support) act the way the current Libero (attack) is playing, with a downgrade to the amount of creativity. Or, free up some of the player instructions for us to use on him. Sorry, that was long and no screenshots. :o. Hope it helps us all grasp the roles a bit more. Personally, I'm off to find a DM to buy and train up for Libero. Hmmm.... can I make do with one who doesn't win balls in the air? Stark (eh too aggressive), Rabiot (that would be interesting), Riedewald.... ?
  13. Cheers @KongeMeier. Defeinitely interesting reading through that thread. I'm interested in giving the Libero a go to see how it compares to my "super bpd". After a bunch of tests, I've ruled out the halfback as an option for what I'm trying to achieve. Currently stuck in the mud trying to recruit someone who actually plays SW at all. They are so rare! First time I've really looked for one in years of FM.
  14. All very interesting. One problem is that there are so few damn players who know how to play SW. I wonder how long it would take a DC with my desired attributes to retrain to play SW from scratch. Not that long, I'd hope, since DC is a pretty similar position. Yes, but could I coax him to step up to a stationary position just behind midfield? (Give him as many instructions / ppms as I can? Yes, maybe or maybe not "get forward" as that might have him just go too far. I want him to sit there between midfield and defense.)
  15. Absolutely agree. I have no problem throwing a DMC/DC guy in at center back, or even retraining an excellent DMC. Although I'm not necessarily looking for a creative player, just someone who can play comfortably on the ball and distribute the easy passes and occasionally operate in tighter spaces. Ideally he will be forming the back point of a triangle with the two MCs who will use him to shuttle the ball back across the field or to eachother via him when they are under pressure themselves or have no pass to make. I loved the idea of using an HB instead, but it has just not seemed to pan out. He plays in the correct spot when we attack, but without the ball I cannot seem to get him to press less than the other players and drop back into a flat (or somewhat flat) back 3. He ended up sitting up ahead of the defense without the ball, which was problematic using wingbacks instead of fullbacks. Shame, because in theory thats the correct answer. If only there was a DC halfback who moved forward rather than a DMC halfback who drops backwards. ...Lets find out if the BPD or Libero can be made to become this person.