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  1. I have a similar message from my Montpellier board. Same idea, different numbers... but yeah, the transfer percentage made available says it will go DOWN from 70% to 30% after a certain amount of revenue is generated. I figured it was some sort of bug or something that will go away. Makes no sense to me.
  2. Absolutely. Good point, but I guess what I'm saying is if they leave the "1" alone then of course you're right he shouldn't become a wall pass, he should turn... but if they aren't pressing him then is there a press you need to escape with a 3-1-6? Should you be in the 3-1-6 at all then, or is there a better shape if they aren't pressing? Great Tuchel PSG article, I've just read it. Posting for all a helpful image from it that might be an inspiring personnel example for those here using the CM(D) as a third rear player:
  3. Thanks for the answer, makes a lot of sense. Good explanation. I would just add, since we're talking about width and potentially a CB like Stones keeping it... that it my understanding of one of Pep's big principles is not just having width somewhere, but specifically having width high up the pitch. The width is intended to stretch the opponent's back line wider. And if they do not stretch, then to get the ball to that widest player who ought to have an opportunity to take his man on 1v1. The idea of a CB like Stones holding the width is interesting for the build-up portion of play,
  4. Basically my thoughts exactly, and what draws me to this thread. I've been a Pep follower for a while very keen on his tactics and their evolution and adjustment. I'm personally interested in this group's effort to explore the 3-1-6 because it is something I've seen Pep using exactly as you say, when he faces a 5atb team or a team who is sitting so deep they've effectively become 5atb. What you conclude above is exactly why I pointed out the recent article (again, https://spielverlagerung.com/2020/09/18/analysing-manchester-citys-attack-structural-considerations-and-variations/) because i
  5. Agreed, good to point this out. This Pep 3-1-6 is a different method of achieving roughly the same overall shape. In some ways, depending on how our teams set up, I think this might be an easier way of creating the 3-1-6... just a few roles change. What I like about this is that it feels like it jives with the ME rather than trying to cut against the grain of how the ME wants to operate. In the sense that the various attempts to have a CM or DM drop back and become the third member of the back three feel to me like tricking the ME and that player just doesn't truly want to be there.
  6. Sorry for double post, but I should mention on its own this excellent article about Man City 2020 that mostly covers how Pep arranges against a back 5... spoiler alert he puts 6 to stretch the 5. ...and then a 1 and a 3 behind his 6. https://spielverlagerung.com/2020/09/18/analysing-manchester-citys-attack-structural-considerations-and-variations/ Good graphics as well:
  7. Yes, I was thinking the same. The CM(defend - or (support) idea for the "1" makes more sense to me. Even considered an anchor man for a moment because he just holds his spot, but he would maybe be too deep. I did try to run a version of this for a single game on my save last night but it hardly counts as a real experiment. No tac familiarity and despite watching the match on full and tweaking here and there based on suggestions offered here, I was able to get the 3-1-6 shape and idea only a few times during the entire match. I got the 3-1-6 shape a but more often, especially with the
  8. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!@Lordluap I admit I haven't been trying myself to make this in FM yet like you guys have, and excellent thread here, but I wanted to jump in to help keep it on track by pointing something important out that is being overlooked: One of the main points of the 3-1-6 as it has been used (I shouldn't say you can't take it in your own direction) is that the "1", acts as a wall-passer pivot to facilitate the "3" passing directly through the lines to the "6". By this I mean that the "1", the CM or DM or whatever pivot man, is rarely turning upfield with the ball hi
  9. In simple terms, yes, that's what these folks are saying. And I'd agree. Makes sense to you, doesn't it?
  10. This has all been great, and is another interesting version of the Pep "Free 8's" or double Treq or whatever you want to call it. It is wonderful and I'm developing a very similar tactic for my Montpellier side (though one of my better players is a striker so I'm using a DLF for now and hopefully will phase into strikerless when able because I agree with you on the benefits of it. My question is - the only glaring part of your tactic is that you have a IWB and a IW on the same side... when trying to replicate Pep who is all about having width in attack and a player standing on the chalk o
  11. Great to see this thread getting going. I've just begun a first Ligue 1 save in a while with Montpellier! I nearly went with Nantes, and was tempted by St Etienne, both with some great young talent, but I was quite surprised how solid (but not that deep) the squad is at Montpellier. Savanier, Mollet, and Ferri fit almost exactly what I'm looking for as an initial midfield trio to replicate a set of tactics derived from Pep's false 8's. Couple very promising young players on the fringe of the starting 11 as well, great team colors, and a 43 year-old team captain who might actually be my be
  12. Makes sense to me as well to keep this thread rolling and take FM20 out of the title. I've been awol for a few editions... went back to FM17 for a great Palermo save because I couldn't get much into the recent games. 21 looks great so far though and I'm doing a bit of research and narrowing things down before I start a long Calcio save. Final contenders seem to be Hellas Verona or Vicenza. I want to play a Gasperini inspired Atalanta tactic that I polished during an FM18 experiment. It completely relies on the wide CBs having "Bring ball out of defense" or there's no point and the ta
  13. This is an amazing example. If the stadiums of non major teams like this are done in more detail like this it would persuade me to play as a certain team just because of the stadium. As it is I play a lot of lower level Ligue 1, Serie A teams, or Serie B teams in FM and if the stadium has basic features of the real one it goes a long way for me. Really helps imagining the atmosphere and feeling like a home game is home. Also it makes it even more exciting when you are able to get a new stadium built for the anticipation to see the shiny new thing physically. Had a really emotional final g
  14. I play a very similar setup and also model my DM after 2017-2019 Fernandinho. In possession, I want him to sit in that space and connect the defense to the midfield and help us play out of the back and then be the central fixed player that everyone else can create triangles off of. But, similar to you it seems, I don't want him playing overly creative passes and thinking he has to unlock the opponents from back there. Just helping the ball move along is fine. So lots of the DM roles that are playmaker-ish have too many risky traits that I don't want. I often use a DM(d), sometimes in the past
  15. Interesting thread here, I'm enjoying the discussion. For many years on FM I've worked with different teams to achieve a Pep City inspired "free eights" 4-1-2-3 concept, so while I have not used a Libero much myself I find this exploration very pertinent to what I've worked with. I strive to create a similar shape and team function where in my case a DM plays the way you're trying to get your Libero to. (Minor detail -- actually I have my wings and fullbacks opposite what yours do, but that's a simple preference. My wings stay wide to stretch room for the CM's, and my IWBs replace where t
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