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  1. Evening all, How long you kept Frank Lampard in your starting squad? I've just checked Chelsea's team on my Newcastle save and found that 40 year old Frankie Lamps is still heavily involved and his mental starts are absolutely insane, as you'd expect the physicals and technicals have dropped but he's still performing well. Unfortunately i am horrendous at screen shots so I can't give you one!
  2. I don't tend to find myself conceeding too many goals from corners, although long throws when the oppo uses them is another matter. What I find that the more people in the box, the more chance of conceeding. When defending corners I have 2 or 3 players on forward, with 1 lurking outside the area. I find that the oppo always reacts to that and pulls it's own men back. However with long throws when the Oppo uses them, everyone of my players bar 1, come back into the box allowing the oppo to flood my box!
  3. If you were to set-up to have your two big centre halves go up for throw-ins and throw ins set to quick - would you not be in danger of them starting to make their way up when adequate cover hasn't been arranged at the back? I presume you would have either your DR/DL taking the throw, meaning you could be at risk of having only 1 defending player. I'm only spitballing here as I haven't a clue!
  4. Evening, Has anybody any suggestions for set piece instructions for long throw ins and how best to set them up? I've just played back to back games against Chelsea and found that they pin me in really well by adopting a long throw in (that and having an immensely good side on my save) but they seem to only launch it in if it's in line with the edge of the box, yet every time I've tried to implement the tactic I find myself trying to launch the ball into the box from half-way into the oppositions half and it just doesn't reach. The players I have had taking the throw ins have had 17 long throws and have developed the 'long flat bullet throw'. Any help would be great as it seems fruitful if you can get it to work... Thanks.
  5. Has anyone got to the stage where you need to look at replacing Tim Krul? He seems to do okay for me, and I do suddenly see a lot of easier goals go in the cup games when a reserve keeper is playing (shots that seem to go straight through them, or deflect off them into the goal) He is still only 28 so has many, many years ahead but I'd easily move him on early for a decent price if I could get a great goalkeeper in now. I'd love to have someone like ter Stegen but he's already moved to Barcelona...
  6. Secured the Premier League Title in the 3rd season, after a 4th and 3rd finish in the 2 seasons previous! I've reviewed this forum often to get tips on how to progress the United team, and although I would love to claim I've got there by myself, I haven't! So a thank you to everyone that posts in here for the hints & tips. I point I'd like to make to anyone who is struggling to get their formation to work but has their heart set on a 4-2-3-1, I changed to a 4-1DM-2-2wide-1 in the 3rd season and it worked a treat. Scored more goals and conceded less than I have ever done before, with an regista, advanced playmaker (support) and attacking midfielder (attack) the 3 centre midfielders it plays out very similar to how I view a 4-2-3-1...
  7. Can anyone confirm if 'more risky passes' relates to the amount of 'through balls' the players will attempt, or is it just that they will try more difficult passes when easier ones are available?
  8. @ Clokey1988 - What sort of training schedule have you had him on? Just signed him in January of the 2nd season for just over £15 million and what to ensure I get the best out of him. I'm certainly going to look into getting the PPMs the same as yours...
  9. I've found my Strikers goal scoring to be problematic - It took until 11th of Feb for either Cisse, Remy or Gouffran playing as a Poacher or Advanced Striker to score more than 1 goal in a game! (Cisse 21 starts 6 goals / Remy 13 starts 3 goals - i'm not doing too bad overall though, down to 7th now but I was 5th two games ago and now on 1st of March)
  10. Has anyone managed to do anything decent with Adam Campbell? He's always rumoured to go to Man Utd at the start of my saves, and in my latest NUFC save I have really tried to develop him. He's done so well that he has dislodged Cisse (who cannot hit a barn door for me!) and is now my first choice striker at 19 years of age. (Jan 2014 game date)
  11. I always get rid of Collocini, his wages are huge and he just doesn't perform anywhere near someone on the wage should. I actually sold him to Sunderland in my latest save... He's doing dogger there.
  12. From what I've seen nobody has had any luck with Sammy, purely because he just isn't rated that highly in real life. Adam Campbell was disappointing on mine, but that could of been due to lack of training/tutoring/game time I had with him. The two I tried the hardest with were Abeid and Vuckic, here are screen shots (Vuckic has just been sold as I felt he had gone as fas as he could)
  13. boo hiss, stay with us! I've been offered a fair few jobs on my save, but I've turned them down in the quest to win as much as possible for Newcastle before moving to another country. On previous versions of FM I would of jumped ship, got bored half a season down the line, regret my decision and start a fresh with Newcastle again.
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