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  1. I've just been playing the 2012 demo and am completely underwhelmed - nothing really new, just tweaks and minor additions to 2011. I won't be buying it. For FM to progress, it really needs to become more fun; this is, after all, a game. I know there are many purists here who believe that anything that makes FM less of a speadsheet simulation is intolerable, but seriously, it should be fun to play not an interminable grind. Here's my wishlist: 1. I want an option to never be sacked. I know many of you consider this to be unrealistic and thus a never-to-be-contemplated feature, but note that I said OPTION. I am sure there are many like me who enjoy playing a career game taking a club from level 8 to the premiership. Getting sacked is just annoying when playing this type of game. I really don't care if it's less realistic - I just want to enjoy it. 2. I want the option to control finances. I remember playing Total Club Manager (or something like that) and enjoying the RPG-like aspects of building stadia, managing budgets, sponsorships, even the gift shop merchandise. The match engine was crap but there was much to enjoy for people like me who also like strategy games and city-builders. 3. I want the inclusion of RPG-like features that add interesting challenges and choices to the game. For example, I want the ability to do something with my salary. At the moment, there's no upside to negotiating a bigger salary - it just eats into your wage and transfer budgets and it has no impact on the game at all. What if you could spend that money on improving your own character stats: training badges that allow your players to improve faster or to a greater proportion of their potential; finance levels that improve your ablity to negotiate sponsorships or make ground improvements cheaper, for example; scouting levels that allow you to spot better youth talents; etc. There's a lot that can be done here with a little imagination. You would have to make choices in developng your character: do you want to major in tactical knowledge, youth development, transfer acumen. You can't be great at everything otherwise your choices are not consequential and the game is less interesting. 4. Coaches, scouts and phsios should have hidden stats. They should have different levels of coaching badges that reflect their skill and that should be all you know. For example, if I want to hire a scout, I should be able to choose scout with different levels of scouting qualifications (yes, I know, this is not real life, it's a game) and the higher qualified scouts will have higher scouting abilities, but the actual potential abilities should be hidden. If I choose to hire a level 1 scout then, I will obviously pay less than for a level 10 scout. Once hired, the club can pay for the scouts to level up, but they will only be able to progress to a level commensurate with their hidden abilities, so you could pay for a scout to level up from 7 to 8, but if he is not level 8 calibre, the money will be wasted as he will fail in the attempt. This is another interesting and consequential choice to use finite club funds: do you buy players or spend some money on developing your backroom staff. Similarly, the building of better training and youth academies should play into this too: with inadequate training facilities,you will only be able to attract and develop coaches to a certain level; to attract higher level coaches and develop coaches to a higher level, you first need to upgrade your facilities. Again, this is just more interesting choices in using club funds. That's the gist of my wishlist: more RPG-like elements to make the game more absorbing. I could go on butI expect that the majority of die-hard fans prefer simulation accuracy over a fun game. It would be interesting to have a poll on these types of game features though - i can't be the only one that wants these things, can I?
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