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  1. I am assuming that Stage 1 is the Playoff stage? If so, could this be an error with how teams are being placed in the conferences? I do not know exactly how the game selects which teams go into which MLS conference.
  2. I have made a "World Super League" based in Icleand, using the advanced editor and in doing so removed all current teams from the MLS, and all major leagues into this new league. However, I still want the top leagues including the MLS to run as active leagues. I have got them all working except the MLS. In FM16 I did not have a problem once I simply replaced all of the teams with new ones, however in the FM17 editor I am getting and error in the editor that it could not setup Stage 1 when trying to verify the leagues. I have 20 teams in the MLS, and 22 teams in next season. If I move all 22 teams into the current season it will verify without errors, but obviously when I try to run the db in game it comes back with expected 20 teams rather than 22. Hopefully I explained everything clearly enough, let me know if I did not explain anything important or if I left something out. Any and all help is appreciated, the MLS is always a fun league to try and edit.
  3. I was afraid that was the answer. Thank you both. If anyone can think of a work around I would love to hear it.
  4. Is there a way to require X number of players be registered for a squad from the club's based nation? I want to rework the Premier League rules slightly and make teams like Cardiff/Swansea required to register X number of players from Wales.
  5. Is it possible to change the language on FMT? It isn't the end of the world as I just wanted to change from US English to UK English, but I do not see any language options. I may just be missing them.
  6. I just won a penalty shootout 29-28. I stopped watching and started cleaning my house after 15-15.
  7. To me the most annoying thing is from the journalist news items. "Woking boss on Aldershot rivalry" Boss says: "No Comment" How is this not a news article worthy of my news feed? I understand what they are trying to do but... I didn't say anything.
  8. I was hoping someone could give me their thoughts/tips on my tactic. Team Instructions: Close Down More, Lower Tempo, Be More Expressive, Shorter Passing I am playing with Woking, and decided I really wanted to make a tactic work for them with 3 up top, but I am not sure exactly what roles each striker should have from a tactical standpoint. I am scoring plenty since I switched to this tactic, but I am giving away quite a few goals. Especially on penalties (4 in 6 games).
  9. I finally found it. Thank you, I didn't expect it to be at the top.
  10. To me it sounds like you don't have a valid transfer window setup. What are your window dates?
  11. I am trying to mimic the EPLs setup where U21 players do not need to be apart of the 25 man roster to play but I can't figure out how to do it. Any help?
  12. I am making a set of club international competition rules, one for each major region (Asia, Americas, Africa, and Europe). They are as identical as I can make them. In order to save time I made the European competition first, and then used that competition to create the other three. (ie. I saved the European one then I edited it using a new competition and saved it under a new name). However, whenever I go and try to create a new game with more than one of these competitions only the last one made will appear in game. Any ideas aside from remaking the other three from scratch? I am really trying to avoid that if at all possible.
  13. My plan around the Enganche and the F9 is to get the F9 to make runs from deeper. At the moment Podolski sits next to Ozil until Ozil or Giroud get the ball then he makes a run into the box. I am still tinkering with it.
  14. Has anyone else tried a 4-1-2-1-2 formation with Arsenal? I am having relative success but I can't seem to get the best out of Ozil as a Enganche behind the front two, Cazorla does great there.
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