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  1. Uneventful saves you enjoyed

    I played in an online game on FM13 where I managed Truro. Managed to scrape a playoff place in the Conference South after a few seasons and win promotion then spent about 10 seasons achieving nothing but mid-table mediocrity at best in the Conference Premier. Really enjoyed it though. Was on a shoestring budget and it was a big challenge for me to rebuild the squad every season just to try and finish in the same mid-table position. Never even got close to the playoffs before the game finished. I'm sure I would've been challenging if it had carried on another 10 seasons Had won just about everything on FM 11 and 12 so it was a bit of a shock to suddenly find myself struggling to do anything. Never managed to crack FM 13. Struggled in my offline game too. Didn't enjoy struggling offline quite as much as I enjoyed my online challenge..
  2. Do you put a GK on the bench?

    I signed him because I was with the majority of people who think keepers never get injured. So I didn't even bother checking his past injuries when I signed him. Clearly a mistake I wont make again. And besides, I already told you he was amazing for the level I was at. The injuries were never serious and didn't keep him out for long and the games he played in he made a real difference. I even took him with me when I moved clubs.
  3. Do you put a GK on the bench?

    Goalkeeper injury frequency does not need to go up! I signed a young regen keeper in the Welsh Prem who I was delighted to sign because he was amazing for that level. In the press conference i was asked about my concerns about his injury proneness.. I wasn't too fussed. Heard that loads before and it never usually causes an issue.. and besides he's a keeper! They never get injured right?... Wrong. I checked his history of injuries out of curiosity and it is ridiculously long. Little niggly things mainly but a load of them. Still wasn't too worried.. thinking he'd be alright playing for my team. Wrong again. He has been injured in game at least 5 times, and in training several others. The guys made of paper. So yes, I always have a keeper on the bench!
  4. WC Qualifiers Playoff Question

    Results against the sixth placed team in each group are not taken into consideration when sorting the 2nd placed teams.
  5. Happened twice to me on FM12 in two consecutive games with two different keepers. Both times resulting in red cards.
  6. I would imagine the longer a player remains a free agent, the more willing they are to negotiate with lower reputation clubs. There may be nothing you can do to tempt Afobe or other players now, but if they remain a free agent for the next 6 months or so they may be willing to lower their ambitions slightly.
  7. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Just lost 5-0 against my beloved Burton in my second game in the BSP. I had 3 goals disallowed in that game too.
  8. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Wahey I'm back! Been away for a few days.. only Nottingham but that's a holiday for me!! Before that I'd been playing online too. Looks like I've been left behind even more.. About to start my first season in the BSP! I'd love a login for that site wriches please mate.
  9. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    NANTWICH TOWN - Blue Square North 2013/14 League Table Woohoo! After 2 horrible failures in the playoffs I managed to win the league at the 3rd time of asking. Comfortably too. I had 2 losses right at the end when the league was all sewn up so I was mixing it up a bit. Otherwise it could've been even clearer. Had a few strange results. Only 1 of my 8 defeats was against a team in the top half, that being Nuneaton who beat me 5-4 near the beginning of the season. Bottom side Droylsden did the double over me! Positions Graph Believe it or not I started the season horrifically inconsistent. Despite having an amazing squad for this level so I thought I couldn't seem to string any wins together. But all of a sudden it just clicked and we rose to the top and never looked back. Transfers My lowest amount of signings in a season so far. But all were outstanding for most parts. Darryl Duffy (old screenshot I know but I'm too lazy to do a recent one) in particular tore the league apart. He scored 36 goals and made 22 assists in all competitions. Squad Can't complain about anyone in the squad. My first choice 11 were all superb and whenever I needed to call on any backups they fitted straight in no trouble. At this point I'm expecting my squad to remain very similar in the BSP.. although that might change if I find some freebies I just can't say no to. First time I've mentioned the cups since starting this challenge. For a good reason.. it's the first time I've won any cup matches. In the FA Cup I reached the 2nd round beating BSP Port Vale and League 2 Morecambe on the way. Eventually Hereford beat me 2-1 at their place. FA Cup Results In the FA Trophy it was slightly less successful but I still reached the 2nd round beating BSP Barrow on the way before Wrexham dumped me out 3-1. The Wrexham match got postponed twice so I ended up playing it in the middle of a horrible cluster of games in January. League took priority so I rested a few for the Trophy game. That's my excuse anyway. I don't have a proper goal of the season award this time around because out of my 100 or so goals scored in the season, hardly any were particularly good ones. Here's 2 that stood out enough at the time for me to save them though: Darryl Duffy - First time I've had a player score with a chip on this game. And it came against higher opposition in the FA Cup. Soloman Taiwo - Long range effort from Taiwo after a neat breakaway. Next season: With this squad plus 1 or 2 introductions I should probably have a chance of another promotion. But I'm tactically inept so I'll settle on a mid table finish. Finances also need improving. But I always struggle with finances until I'm in the football league so I'll worry about them later. Season League Position Info ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2011/12 Blue Square North 5th Lost in Playoff Semi Final 2012/13 Blue Square North 4th Lost in Playoff Final 2013/14 Blue Square North 1st Promoted as Champions
  10. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    You'll probably win it knowing you. And not quite FA Cup success.. but I'm delighted nonetheless. It's third time lucky, I've won the Blue Square North! Fairly comfortably too.
  11. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Congrats on the promotion! Hopefully I can follow you up this time around. Thanks mate! Me too. I'm getting fed up with this league.
  12. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    I replied in the other thread but I'll reply here aswell. Tinpot league, playoff finals are played at the highest placed team in it. Obviously being a Redditch fan you don't have to worry too much about the playoffs... Oooh that was low, I apologise.. Don't worry though, jump up a league and you'll get to play the playoff final at Wembley! Hope you have better luck in the playoffs than I have so far, good luck
  13. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Nantwich Town - 2013/14 Squad My 3rd attempt at promotion from the Blue Square North having failed at the playoffs the previous 2 times. Do you think I've got a good enough squad this time around? Goalkeepers Conrad Logan * Dave Parton Defenders Phil Picken Lewis Toshney * Peter Gilbert Tom Parkes Daniel Boateng * Fraser Kerr Jay Simmonds Midfielders Owain Tudur-Jones * Derek Niven Soloman Taiwo Kieran Murtagh Luke Joyce Strikers Darryl Duffy * Gifton Noel-Williams Sam Williams Stefan Connor * New signings for this season are marked with a *. Think my squads about done, perhaps another midfielder in on loan but as I only play 3 in the middle that's not too important. May have overdone it with the screenies
  14. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    NANTWICH TOWN - Blue Square North 2012/13 League Table Made the playoffs again. Lost in the playoffs again. I wont bother posting the screenie of my playoff final again. It hurts too much. Basically I had 2 players sent off and a player injured in the 90th minute after making all my subs. Had to play out extra time with 8 men. Barrow took full advantage of their extra 3 players. Transfers Got a few decent players in on frees. Kieran Murtagh and Sam Williams in particular were outstanding. Was way under budget for most of the season until I picked up Gifton and Taiwo late in the season as a desperate attempt to try and win promotion. Sam Williams won the Blue Square North Player of the Season award. He was also top goalscorer. Squad Had a bit more rotation this season but was still fairly reliant on my starting 11. Goal of the Season 1. Kieran Murtagh - Fabulous long range effort from Murtagh as he curls a 30 yarder into the top corner. 2. Matthew Ball - Brilliant effort from the centre midfielder as he hits a screamer from way outside the box. 3. Kieran Murtagh - Murtagh shows brilliant technique to lash a half volley into the top corner from outside the box. Next season: I need promotion! To have been so close 2 seasons in a row hurts. I need to avoid the dreaded playoffs next time around. Season League Position Info ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2011/12 Blue Square North 5th Lost in Playoff Semi Final 2012/13 Blue Square North 4th Lost in Playoff Final