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  1. 09 is so slow. It makes me feel better that others are having the same problem. But it takes so long just to get thriugh one week of games. It is starting to be a very big annoyance.
  2. What is this dam product key. can't find it. Rightclicked the games in steam but no option for the code.
  3. Again Murray stepping up to the plate is much appreciated and all here in NA are thankful for some honest service. Hard to find today. See Murray us Yanks aren't such bad evil people after all.
  4. Hope this is the final countdown and no surprises. 47 minutes. I think I need to get a life.
  5. Thanks Murray for all your responses. Don't get service like this from any gaming company (esp EA). One reason why I keep coming back. Never have many complaints about the game ever, but Sega could have treated us better. Our money is as good as everywhere else.
  6. Preloaded complete-Unreleased. Guess I'll wait till 9.am get my coffee and get after it. Though I'm CST. What is the time based on? EST? PST? Guess it does not matter an hour here nor there. But have been waiting for months. Usually bought from gameplay UK. Never heard of Steam before. But it did save me about $20.00 with exchange rates.
  7. I'm an American too who discovered the game surfing the net. This will be my 7th or 8th year playing it and appreciate the hard work that SI puts in to make the great game that it is. This is really the only pc game that I play. Leeds is my fav team and it has been a very difficult time with the issues they faced. Thanks RISDALE. I usually start with them until the sack and end up playing lower division teams because of the challenge. I am trying to be a fan of MLS but playing a MLS team in FM has been boring and I usually go back to an English team. Please go back to the release date of the 14th. I was ready to waste the whole weekend to gettng started.