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  1. This whole thread is about the fact that you can't speak to an unhappy player, so it's not already in the game. 'Making a mess of it and suffering the consequences' is not how people behave in the real world, and in particular this is not how anybody would treat their manager! But yes, there's no point repaeating the same thing again and again, as you say. I'm glad you're happy with how this works in game, but I think even SI are aware that it's far from perfect. You have a good day
  2. I would say that two people continuing to talk until an amicable solution is reached is more 'realistic', but hey ho. Maybe we've experienced life differently..!
  3. This isn't possible though, is it? If the player is unhappy, he won't talk to you about a contract. Right now you can't even call him back in for a meeting to tell him you've had second thoughts and you'll start negotiating. Is your argument then that this aspect of FM should be 'gamey' rather than 'realistic'? I mean, I can see that point of view but it's sort of at odds with what SI are trying to present elsewhere.
  4. Sergio Asenjo is the only oppostion player to have scored a perfect 10.0 rating against one of my teams, about a decade ago. And I mean, I've played this game a lot. It was the second leg of a European tie, which I obviously lost because of him. Forgive and forget though, y'know. Doesn't bother me.
  5. I know the screen you mean - in the old days this would result in a news item stating an agent was touting you his player. I was wondering what had happened to them, but this would explain it. Thanks for the help, Hunter
  6. Sure - has this worked? Should be the scouting card and the player profile. Edit: Obviously I'm using a custom DB with the Iran league loaded, downloaded from over in the Editors' Hideaway.
  7. To follow up on this a little bit - I've definitely got scouts where they shouldn't be. I'm getting scout reports about players in Brazil, as mentioned, but one's just appeared in my inbox from Iran. Are these scouting trips, arranged by the DoF and cleared by the board, costing the club unnecessary amounts of money..? It kind of feels like a bug now.
  8. Thanks for the responses guys. I have basic scout reports for them, so I'm guessing there's some sort of action from my side. I had looked at my staff's scouting knowledge but none of them knew anything about Brazil; I have hired a coach with French Guianan (2nd) nationality though, which counts as South America (East), which has in turn granted me knowledge of some obscure Brazilian players. I can see how that mechanic works, but I'm not sure it makes sense that Jason Roberts (English to everybody except FIFA!) would be making these recommendations... Mystery solved though, I guess. Cheers!
  9. Hi folks, I need a little guidance on this please. I'm currently managing in League One, with the scouting restrictions from the board that I can only scout players in UK & Ireland. Standard. I've set my DoF to set assignments for the scouts. Why, and how, are my scouts in Brazil? I'm enjoying having these lads recommended to me, but surely this shouldn't be happening?
  10. Is this a bug? A Premier League team has come in for my League 1 striker, so naturally I want a sell-on clause. I've locked it in with the red padlock, but each time the AI negotiates it removes the clause. This is in the same round of negotiation, they're not going away and coming back with another offer.
  11. This, with widgets in the spare space at the sides of the pitch showing things like player performance and body language, match stats and oppo formation.
  12. Hello folks - I'm managing in League 2, as a former semi-pro footballer. In my third season I as promoted to League 1, at which point something odd happened. Well, I've never noticed it before anyway. My players, according to their personal pitch maps, could play new positions. I hadn't been training them in these new positions (and neither had the AssMan) but, for example, my striker now has yellow dots across the AM strata (nothing there before); my left back now has a faded green dot at CB; my CB now has orange dots at RB, DM and ST. Is this a result of my players' versatility improving? An increase in my own manager's tactical knowledge? Improvements to the coaching team (including AssMan)? My apologies if this has been done to death, but I wouldn't know where to begin a search within this thread...
  13. Why would it not be given? You can't be offside from a throw-in. The ball is thrown, the next touch is the shot on goal (at which point the shooter is the furthest attacker forward). Or are you saying this would never happen in real life? Because, y'know, it probably has.
  14. I've started a few saves this year, and I thought I'd missed it the first few times but it's definitely just happened again. I tend to start my saves on December 31st using the Brazilian start date, and play through half a season to get me going. I've only done this in the English leagues so far, but each time there has been no youth intake in March or whenever it's supposed to be. Only for the first season - it happens fine from season 2 onwards. Obviously too late to do anything about it this year, but is it something you could look at for 20? Ta.
  15. Yeah, you're going to find your DoF trying to sign a lot of players you don't need, and probably paying them a lot more than you'd like. I use him to "Find and make offers for players" to see if he can come up with any gems (they do occasionally) but don't let him anywhere near contracts or finalising anything. I also sometimes ask him to make an approach for a player I'm having difficulty signing - this one time he managed to get an offer accepted, but that was many years ago now. You only really need to look at AI squads after a couple of years to see how bad they are at building a balanced squad on decent wages.
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