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  1. 20 seconds in: what kind of maniac hangs his suits 'face to face'? Without wishing to generalise, I'd be surprised if any football managers or FM players did. Except Steve Bruce.
  2. Alt + Tab? If I remember though, this pauses any match you're playing - so no browsing while you wait!
  3. Hi Would it be possible to search for players who were born within a certain distance from the club you are managing? I don't know how much geography the game knows, but I've always thought it'd be a nice feature to find and buy local lads. At the moment the best we can do (I think) is search for players whose Birthplace = a certain place but that can be a bit too specific. I can't be the only player with a vague ambition to recreate the Lisbon Lions at various other clubs...
  4. Flashman

    Paying for stadium expansion

    I haven't got a save from when this happened, but thought I would mention it to you guys anyway. I was managing Everton and the board agreed to build a big expansion to their new stadium. For the duration of the build (one season) Everton would play at Man City. I then switched jobs to Man City and asked the board for a stadium expansion, to which they agreed, Now, when it came to start the expansion in May, it was decided that Everton would pay for 50% of it because they shared the ground; they then moved back to their shiny new ground in June, before the work was even completed. They ended up paying £13 million for basically nothing..
  5. Isn't this how real life works though? I mean with grown ups - which I accept that not all footballers are (nor managers I guess) - you just keep talking until you both get to a point where something "works". This mechanism doesn't exist in FM World; you choose the wrong option once and that's it - mutiny! Especially irritating when the option you choose ends up being slightly but ever-so-importantly different to what ends up being said.
  6. Flashman

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    Hi scass - what size database did you load at the start of the game? Any extra players loaded..? I have 19 leagues loaded with a small database and transfer fees seem a little on the high side - but not much. I can get decent fees for any players I want to sell, but I also usually have to pay over the odds for any players in their prime. But this is post "Brexit" so the market is a bit squiffy anyway..
  7. Inverted wingers play in the midfield strata, not the attacking midfield. Have you tried looking there? Even if the game has decided that he is poorly suited to the role, he would have a red block in his suitability circle (but try him out there and see!)
  8. Flashman

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    Related to this: does a player AI know the state of the transfer market in your save? I keep getting players asking me to be allowed to leave, to which I almost always respond that I will sell for the right price. Unfortunately my players always seem to undervalue themselves (in my opinion). Does their valuation of themselves take into account the number of active leagues loaded and the size of the database? It seem,s to me that if it doesn't then the user and the player AI will never agree on a value.. I'm running 19 leagues from around the world on a small database, and typically a player will value himself at only slightly above his in-game "value" - whereas in reality signing a replacement would cost maybe double that (on average) (I guess).
  9. ... in this instance, if all other finances are ignored, your board are saying that there is 20 million in the bank, but they will allow you to go 160 million into debt to achieve your goals. Which is madness.
  10. Flashman

    Board Issueing Req At New Job

    Buying young players and eventually getting them into your first team definitely counts towards the philosophy. Not quite sure how it differs from 'signing young players for the first team' but I assume the latter would include slightly older players.
  11. Flashman

    Disabled pop-up messages

    It is simple (sort of): Go to Preferences -> Interface, then in the 'General' section (top left) you can click to Reset all confirmation dialogs. Then hide the ones you don't want, as and when they pop up again.
  12. Flashman

    Return to a better past

    For your first point Dave, I find having the Position/Role/Duty column pointless on this screen as it merely replicates what you can already see on the pitch view to the right - try replacing this column with the 'Pkd' column which just displays the player position. Might give you more room to play with
  13. I'm having this issue as well guys - although thanks to Jack's input I now realise that if I create a custom view using 'General Info' as a base then I don't get the superfluous Player Nationality displayed under his name. So I'll just do that and things will be back to normal Thanks Jack!
  14. If you transfer list the player then he'll go for considerably less money, probably about half his 'value'. If you can set your asking price for about double his value and then wait for an offer, get close to that with instalments and then over and above it with add-ons then you've got yourself a good deal (IMO). Depending on his age, happiness, squad status etc. of course. Of course an offer quite often never materialises, so it depends whether you really want to get rid of him or not.
  15. Flashman

    Youth Prospects

    I'm speculating here, but in my experience and from what other users have reported: if the user had tried to sign this player from an AI team, then the AI team would have asked for much more than the amount paid here. The AI working 'with' the user here has allowed another AI team to sign a player with great potential for a good price. Is this fair? Should the user just get on with it..?