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  1. Hello folks - I'm managing in League 2, as a former semi-pro footballer. In my third season I as promoted to League 1, at which point something odd happened. Well, I've never noticed it before anyway. My players, according to their personal pitch maps, could play new positions. I hadn't been training them in these new positions (and neither had the AssMan) but, for example, my striker now has yellow dots across the AM strata (nothing there before); my left back now has a faded green dot at CB; my CB now has orange dots at RB, DM and ST. Is this a result of my players' versatility improving? An increase in my own manager's tactical knowledge? Improvements to the coaching team (including AssMan)? My apologies if this has been done to death, but I wouldn't know where to begin a search within this thread...
  2. Why would it not be given? You can't be offside from a throw-in. The ball is thrown, the next touch is the shot on goal (at which point the shooter is the furthest attacker forward). Or are you saying this would never happen in real life? Because, y'know, it probably has.
  3. I've started a few saves this year, and I thought I'd missed it the first few times but it's definitely just happened again. I tend to start my saves on December 31st using the Brazilian start date, and play through half a season to get me going. I've only done this in the English leagues so far, but each time there has been no youth intake in March or whenever it's supposed to be. Only for the first season - it happens fine from season 2 onwards. Obviously too late to do anything about it this year, but is it something you could look at for 20? Ta.
  4. Yeah, you're going to find your DoF trying to sign a lot of players you don't need, and probably paying them a lot more than you'd like. I use him to "Find and make offers for players" to see if he can come up with any gems (they do occasionally) but don't let him anywhere near contracts or finalising anything. I also sometimes ask him to make an approach for a player I'm having difficulty signing - this one time he managed to get an offer accepted, but that was many years ago now. You only really need to look at AI squads after a couple of years to see how bad they are at building a balanced squad on decent wages.
  5. Yeah, it was option 2 for me. I now manually select my backup goalie for every reserve game in case this happens again. Not that I've ever needed to substitute a goalkeeper in the last 27 years, but y'know.
  6. Do the AI managers in game have access to these lists? If not, then I guess you're gaining an(other) unfair advantage over the AI if you use them. But yeah, if it's fun for you to play like that then go for it!
  7. It's not a bug; the clubs are linked somehow and they share youth teams/facilities. I'm not entirely sure how it works irl but the setup in the game is about as close as they can get to replicating it. There's probably a Partizan thread in the data section of this forum so you could go and ask in there for more detail.
  8. Morning I've just had a chat with one of my coaches and asked him to train Vertonghen to stop running with the ball through the centre so much. "He's too old to change his game now." "Well, do you have any suggestions?" "I think we should ask him to stop running with the ball through the centre so much." "Good idea, you do that." It made me chuckle but thought I should report it as a little quirk.
  9. The only reason this hasn't been done must be licensing. The research can be done (to an acceptable level) and the ME would be the same as today. People would (probably) buy it, so there must be an outside influence preventing it.
  10. Ah ok, I see what you mean - thanks for looking into it, and for pointing out a glaring way to solve the problem!
  11. I've just tried to sign the player again and had the same problem. The board are restricting the contract length, and perhaps it isn't a bug, but it would be interesting to know why. It seems like an odd decision.
  12. Hi Ben Kenney, thanks for the response. I honestly don't think any of the reasons you mention would be applicable to this transfer, but if the board is restricting the length for any of those reasons then perhaps it is an issue with their decision making process. Or maybe I'm missing something really obvious! I'm managing Reading and trying to sign a good former academy player back at a reasonable age and for reasonable wages (I think). Anyway I've uploaded the file Hector_Contract to the Cloud.
  13. I'm trying to sign a player, and we've got to the contract negotiation stage. I'm able to agree on every term except contract length; I am only allowed to offer a 1 year deal. I don't understand why the restriction is there - is this meant to work like this? Additionally I'm only allowed to request an optional 1 year, rather than up to 3 as normal. I've got £130k remaining in my wage budget and I'm offering the player £14k a week. Have I missed something here? The player's agent has demanded a three year contract which I can't offer so the deal's gone, but I've got a save from the day of the negotiations if this is a bug and you want to look at it. Cheers!
  14. I almost don't want to do this because it's a harmless little thing that works in our favour, but.... I didn't have enough midfielders in my training camp squad due to a couple not being back from their hols, and I'd left my next best U23 at home. On the day of a friendly, I was able to register a player for the squad, making him available for selection. I suppose it's technically possible he could have been in the country anyway, or got an early flight out, but it does seem unlikely. If you want to just let this one go then that's fine too
  15. Is... is this possible? I mean, start with the full budget but no transferred players? I didn't actually know that this is the way that the opening budgets worked these days, and I can kind of see where Bothan Spy is coming from. What you've actually done is a sort of halfway house between the old-fashioned first window transfer budgets being available and not being available. I'm now tempted to restart my save, especially considering the rather harsh way that disabling the budget has been implemented this year!
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