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  1. If you right-click to insert a column in game, the drop down gives you all of these categories unabbreviated. Then it's a simple job to match them up.
  2. Hi. All of my confirmation dialogs have switched 'off', and when I click to reset them in preferences my input is not registered. I've cleared my cache, do you know what I should do next please? Thanks.
  3. You'll also want to consider which leagues you might want to sell players to. I don't know who's buying Scunny's players IRL, but you'll be looking at leagues with around the same rep I suppose - the EFL and other UK leagues for starters. Sometimes nobody does want your players, but I sold Ozil for £20-odd million so anything's possible with the right setup!
  4. There's no real right or wrong answer, and as far as I can tell there's no real guidance in the game on this stuff. If you think about it though, you've got a hell of a lot of players to choose from, and not a lot of competition from other clubs to sign them (i.e. hardly any active leagues - view only clubs won't be as active in the market). Same goes for every other team in your game, so basically you'll all be able to find whatever type of player you want quite easily. The flip side is of course that nobody is going to pay a transfer fee or high wages if they can help it, so good luck getting rid of players you don't want. Not entirely sure how to switch your leagues from view only to active - go to Game Status and try the Manageable Leagues drop down? Maybe there's something in Add/Remove Leagues or Detail Level.
  5. That depends on the number of active leagues. I've got about that size database with 11 active leagues and don't seem to have an issue selling players. Also I guess it matters whether you've loaded the leagues who would traditionally buy from Belgium - you'll know better than me who they are.
  6. If it helps, I've uploaded my save where this keeps happening: Flashman_Arsenal_LoanManager
  7. Yeah they're all good reads if you're into this stuff (which we all obviously are!) but they're not going to help you a jot with FM. If that's what you're after, try the stickied threads in the tactics forum
  8. What about your youth/reserve teams? They all used to be on the same screen, now there's a load of extra clicking!
  9. Thanks, but previously we had all of our staff numbers listed in one place. As far as I can see that list is now split over (at least) three screens - seems much less user friendly to me.
  10. Is there anywhere in game we can see an overview of staff numbers? I really honestly don't have the time or the inclination to count it all up myself - that's not where the fun of playing this is for me.
  11. This whole thread is about the fact that you can't speak to an unhappy player, so it's not already in the game. 'Making a mess of it and suffering the consequences' is not how people behave in the real world, and in particular this is not how anybody would treat their manager! But yes, there's no point repaeating the same thing again and again, as you say. I'm glad you're happy with how this works in game, but I think even SI are aware that it's far from perfect. You have a good day
  12. I would say that two people continuing to talk until an amicable solution is reached is more 'realistic', but hey ho. Maybe we've experienced life differently..!
  13. This isn't possible though, is it? If the player is unhappy, he won't talk to you about a contract. Right now you can't even call him back in for a meeting to tell him you've had second thoughts and you'll start negotiating. Is your argument then that this aspect of FM should be 'gamey' rather than 'realistic'? I mean, I can see that point of view but it's sort of at odds with what SI are trying to present elsewhere.
  14. Sergio Asenjo is the only oppostion player to have scored a perfect 10.0 rating against one of my teams, about a decade ago. And I mean, I've played this game a lot. It was the second leg of a European tie, which I obviously lost because of him. Forgive and forget though, y'know. Doesn't bother me.
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