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  1. But they do – or does only the overall matter and the drop of half the familiarity bar has no noticeable effect? A change from accomplished to awkward? Because that is what happens if you e.g. turn off an active passing shout/implement another one.
  2. The whole point of a false nine that he will drop deep and create chances. The exact opposite of leading the line and finishing moves. Which is what you say you want.
  3. While not a perfect solution to the job centre and staff issue, remember it is still possible to look them up via the player/staff search.
  4. Heavy individual focus, team training on tactics, low or average. Seems to make the most sense to me, as mental stats are something every player benefits from. Unlike defending or attacking. Keep it on for the whole season. Might switch to high fitness in pre-season if I can be bothered or happen to remember.
  5. Our notions of "operating in the same area" differ considerably. This is the closest you can get inside forwards to an advanced playmaker. They are nowhere near in each other's way.
  6. This is a very simplistic response that to me reeks of just smugly glancing at the tactics forum and picking a seemingly relevant but vague response which, however, is not necessarily tied to the in-game reality. Why? Because this is what heat maps of an advanced playmaker and two inside forwards with the "sit narrower" individual instruction in a setup using the "play narrower" team instruction actually look like.
  7. How on earth did you get that idea? Might be a specific setting some use and others don't. Like with tons of other bugs throughout the FM series.
  8. It definitely feels like there is an issue with corners in the most recent patch. Not a massive one but one that appears every now and then – everything goes fine for several games and then blam, the team concedes four or five (!!!) goals from corners in the space of twenty minutes. With no change in personnel or tactics, obviously. Seems rather random, too, as it's not big men overpowering and bullying the defense time and time again, but rather comparable or even vastly inferior players in terms of aerial ability. Very strange.
  9. But this assumes that all perfectly normal and logical real life approaches will work without any hassle in FM, which we simply don't know for certain and might not be true.
  10. It does seem absolutely extreme right now, however. I understand the reasoning but perhaps consider toning it down somewhat? So that it is noticeable and exaggerated, just not to this degree. + the pitch, ball and players are not aligned correctly when using the 2d view (corners appear to be taken several yards from the flag etc.), but that's been raised in the bugs forum already I see.
  11. The default player instructions are no longer visible in FM14. You have to rely on the short descriptions that appear when hovering over a role/duty on the tactics screen to discern what a player might or might not do on the pitch. If you want your team to attack, chances are you would want use the 'attacking' option. You cannot see the specifics of these general settings either.
  12. Like a monitor lizard I am monitoring this thread, seeing as I play a 4-2-4-0 myself and it is quite interesting. Not perhaps in a particularly peculiar manner, but exactly in that it is a viable and almost ordinary tactic, in a way. This looks even more of an experiment with perhaps much wilder impact so I might give it a try... seeing as I have about half a dozen defensive midfielders. One thing that kept me tinkering and wondering about my 4-6-0 was the 'striker' in a strikerless formation like that. Have you tried something other than an attacking midfielder, i.e. a shadow striker?
  13. You might get more detailed answers in the Tactics forum to some of your questions. As for the simple or complex thing... for a couple of years now I have had this nagging feeling that a lot of the game is just smoke and mirrors with most options having no real impact, or a very minor effect at most. So I keep it simple. And it works. Mostly default instructions, the odd player setting here and there. Grab a few coaches with decent looking stats, who cares if your training stars aren't that high. The players develop anyway. No fancy manual crawling through youth intakes, just send out a couple
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