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  1. Can someone please help me out and post a screenshot of each routine? Having some trouble importing for some reason and it's the only thing I could think of. Kind of an annoying favor to ask of, but I'd seriously appreciate it.
  2. FM10: Official A.C. Milan Thread - Beginning Of A New Era

    Can someone post Ronaldinho's stats from the 10.3 patch?
  3. FM10: Official A.C. Milan Thread - Beginning Of A New Era

    It's probably because you have a "heavy" training schedule; that should be for pre-season training only.
  4. FM10: Official A.C. Milan Thread - Beginning Of A New Era

    This right here. At one point on FM09 I had 13 Italians out of my 19 man 1st team. Glorious.
  5. FM10: Official A.C. Milan Thread - Beginning Of A New Era

    Were you intentionally trying to turn us into a red Inter or what? Really shocked you didn't get Paloschi either.
  6. FM 2009: Official AC Milan Thread - Rebuilding Needed?

    Wow, what skin is that?
  7. Who will you buy in FM2010?

    Dzeko, Marco Motta, Santon, Gojko Kacar, Jovetic, Dzagoev, Paloschi, Neven Subotic, Hernanes. Maybe even Mesuit Ozil if he's any good and Cissokho if he'll leave Lyon.
  8. need gd youngstars

    What was so bad that happened in your life that made you believe people were good? Have fun getting surprise sexed from a hitchhiker you pick up in the not too distant future.
  9. need gd youngstars

    Has no one else seriously caught on that he's just some dumb troll on these forums?
  10. I know isn't a bug but...

    Inter were ridiculously good on 08. I've got a 9 point gap going on a 12 game winning streak with Milan.
  11. How unrealistic - this needs changing

    If your recent run of games has been poor it really affects your attendance, just because you have x amount of people with season tickets doesn't mean they show up to every game.
  12. Why is the english league so strong in Europe?

    Anybody could have put 4+ past us with Dida in goal and Senderos in front of him. A bunch of reserve rejects against a full strength Pompey team in a competition we've already qualified for, I mean honestly, really...............
  13. best ever season in fm history

    I think you need to expand your vocabulary so that you don't sound like you live underneath a bridge.
  14. strikers not scoring!

    Pato and Balotelli aren't scoring as much as I like them too, but it's just because of my tactics. Kaka's got 14, Seedorf 9 as well as Ronaldinho, Flamini 4. Something like 60+ goals in 21 games aint' bad.
  15. Have you actually seen their pitch? ****ing atrocious, looks like some pub team's backyard.