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  1. FM2010 announcement

    Hi MIles, First things first, thanks for the announcement and subsequent updates. I have been playing FM Live since the beginning and definately enjoy the new match engine, will be even better with expansiveness of FM10. As a fan of CM/FM since '96 I am looking forward to release, shame its not until 30th October. One quick question though, will FM10 incorporate multi-cores in processors, since most PC's / Laptop now have them??? Thanks, Lee
  2. Football Manager survey

    Player analysis Sex of gamer – MALE Age of gamer: 22 Nationality of gamer: ENGLISH Amount of hours spent playing Football Manager per week: 20ish Experience of playing football management simulations (in years): 13 Occupation – EMPLOYED Game analysis Score = 1 – 10 (1 = awful, 5 = average and 10 = excellent): 9 Tactics – all aspects of the tactical system including sliders, formations, etc Score = 6 Transfer system – buying and selling, loaning, co-ownership, contracts, clauses, etc Score = 8 Training – coaches, schedules, current and potential abilities, etc Score = 6 Squad harmony – squad rotation, team performance, player’s status, morale, etc Score = 8 Finances – stadium expansion, player’s wages, prize money, stadium/training facilities/youth system upgrading Score = 6 Player interaction – keeping players happy, different training regimes, tutoring, etc Score = 7 Board interaction – finances, team performance, transfer policy, etc Score = 4 Difficulty – ability to play game based on a casual, everyday user Score = 5 Interface – navigation around the game screens, ability to find/alter options, etc Score = 8 3D match engine – useful for displaying tactics during a match, scouting players, etc Score = 8 Preferences analysis (Note: one career can be defined as one game save, managing one/multiple clubs/nations) Nationality of team currently managed: ENG Nationality of teams managed in the past: ENG, ITA, GER, BRA, ESP Number of domestic league titles won in one career: 4 Number of domestic cup titles won in one career: 6 Number of European/world titles won in one career: 3 Nation currently managed: - Nations managed in the past: - International titles won in one career: - Match viewing preferred – 3D Type of viewing preferred – KEY Game speed preferred – VERY FAST Level of play – QUITE A BIT Football simulation preferred: CM2 96/97 or Football Manager 2009
  3. dwood, I think what Ozzy38 means that Rincon needs to play in 75% of your fixtures seeing as it is an international league compared to his home country. This doesn't mean that he needs to play for his country's team at all. Hope this helps.
  4. 1 Hour

  5. 1 Hour

    Hi Tim, I take it your playing through Steam?? If so, this means that the game is updating itself and once updating has finshing it will launch, hence why it states 'launch in 1 hour'. Hope this helps... Lee
  6. Hi Bumble, Couldn't have put your comments better myself. Evethough i may not be from the same era as you guys (back in '84 etc.. wasn't even a twinkle until 2 years later) but i have been ever faithful to the CM/FM series since CM2 96/97. I loved that game and now 12 years later i still haven't put the game down. Of course SI have got a few things wrong with the games across the series but what games don't have bugs and need patches when first released??? SI still produce a top quality football management that i can get lost within. Isn't that what gaming is all about to enjoy yourself and to get immersed in its detail??? To be honest i can't be bothered to write anymore, ill just sit back with a cuppa and watch all the so called fans of fm rip this thread to pieces then whine on the 606 forums. Lee