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  1. Nobody knows will ever even kick another ball? Fletcher? i think he will be kicking the ball this sunday. What i meant is that as a United fan i believe he is our most important midfielder as proved when he isnt playing we struggle to take controll in the centre of the park.
  2. And as stated numerous times a players value does not mean how much a player will be sold for.
  3. "Even Fletcher is £10 million haha" You meen the man who we missed most when we were beat by Barcelona in the champions league final?
  4. NO he didnt talk to them Why should a player automatically talk to a club?? Not all players are out there grabbing money where ever it comes from, thankfully some (not many admitedly) still have moralls
  5. mutually meens he has to agree just terminate doesnt
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo plays left winf for mouriho
  7. I think a certainCristiano Ronaldo is playing on the left wing for Real Madrid at the moment would have to say he is somewhat better than Bale. Bale is playing very well at the moment and did last but he is not world class yet
  8. fine moan away but when someone doesnt reply within 2 minutes dont start bitching is all im saying.....
  9. cant believe the way some people act on this forum it is a demo for god sake and how many companys would help out like SI do? Think some of you need to grow up a bit instead of moaning about a bloody windowed view!!
  10. I'm sorry but how much do you believe is actually available to Fergie to spend? 30M-40M if so and your a United fan your kidding yourself that kind of money will not be spent again while the laziers are in controll.
  11. Considering they have been around longer than us that could go some way to being the reason. i wish AFC all the best as i think their fans like ours did the right thing. Thats saying what? A football team ran by fans for fans charging a hell of a lot less than teams around us and not selling out.
  12. You have alot of experience on Fc United and AFC Wimbledon? If not how do you come up with this answer?
  13. Im sorry but where is your evidence to show we are hooligans? considering we consistently get over 2500 fans in the unibond premier and very rarely get any trouble i dont know how you come up with that!!!! Hooligans that dont believe in our game turning into a charade which tv dictates and foreign investors believe they have a right to turn it into a joke. Alas as long as there is money to spend in FM everyone is happy. x