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  1. I've had this exact same experience twice already. With FM 2010, and then again in 2014. That was when I stopped playing. For some reason, I picked up the game again this year. Not sure why. Maybe I forgot, Or maybe I'm destined to do this again every three or four years. The experience is twofold. The first part doesn't have to do with tactics, but I'll just mention it. I find myself turning off more and more of the gameplay, until there's almost nothing left. Team talks, opposition instructions, press conferences, back room advice... it's all boring and repetitive, my assistant can do it. As for contract renewals, staff recruitment, things like that: I don't find it fun, hand it over to the DOF. Training? Set it up once, five minute job, never look at it again. Scouting? Set up some assignments, scout some competitions and nations. Again, five minute job. never see it again. So, now I'm doing basically nothing. Well, that's so I can concentrate on the fun part, right? Tactics. Except that it's the least fun part of all. I have come to the conclusion that the best thing I can do with the entire tactical module is to never touch any of it. Once again, as in earlier versions of the game, I find myself doing tactic creation in reverse. I start out with lots of ideas, and set up tons of roles and instructions. None of it makes my team better. Eventually, I stop bothering with more and more of the tactics screen. Team shape? Rigid or fluid? Doesn't seem to matter. I just leave it in the middle, and never touch it again. Player instructions? I've never found one that improves a single one of my players. Ignore all of it. How about match strategy? Attack, counter, control, etc? Well, for the most part, just leaving it on standard seems to work the best. What are we left with? Team instructions. So many buttons to press, so very zero improvement by ever clicking any of them. Eventually, I stop completely, apart from the usual "clicking all options, one at a time or in every possible combination", when I'm losing. Roles, at least? I can set up a formation, and pick roles? That's the ticket. That's where my tactical genius will find its outlet. So, I pick my target man, my playmakers, etc. My team isn't really doing well. So, yesterday, this happens: I start stripping things down. Do I need this covering BPD? I don't think he's helping. Just set the defense to a flat back four, basic settings, default roles, no fuss. Full backs on auto. Well, it's not worse this way. Seems better, if anything. Let's look at the attackers. Poacher/target man? Well, they're both struggling. My poacher isn't scoring. What if I just go AF and DLF? Oh, wow! Much better now. I'm getting assists and goals. What If I do the same in midfield? I have a wide playmaker, a DLP, a BBM, and a winger. I've tried lots of different roles. But let's see... I'll just leave it at two wide midfielders, and two central midfielders. No playmakers, no specialist roles. And I watch as the team plays better than it ever has. Wonderful passing all round. Goals from my strikers, my wide players, and my central mids. Victories! Success! And there's nothing I can do to improve on that. If I do practically nothing, tactically, my team is fine. Anything I do beyond that will only make things worse. I can't un-see that. I can't go back after that. Maybe you could say, "oh, you're a tactical genius! You've discovered a less-is-more approach!" Well, that doesn't make me feel better. I now have zero gameplay left, beyond picking a team and clicking the continue game button. Just feeling a bit pissed about the whole thing right now. Yes, I've uninstalled the game. I think I'll go play Portal 2 again. Or maybe even go outside.
  2. OK, I've decided on a database of a smidgeon over 100,000 players. I think it was 102,000, or thereabouts. Dropped Ireland, decided I needed Chile and the second tier for Argentina and Brazil. Now it looks like... well, exactly as it should, I think. Behold the unassailable logic! Nothing I can do to change it now. Here's hoping my computer doesn't blow up!
  3. I know. But my game complains at over the recommended number of players, and I don't feel like I should **** with it. Besides, doesn't one correlate with the other? Adding playable leagues is what adds players. Seems like much the same thing. Unless you fiddle with the advanced stuff, I guess, which I don't.
  4. A better and slightly more scientific version of my earlier approach: Same nations as before. Set everything to top league only, except: England: Four levels (until League Two). Spain, France, Germany. Italy: Three levels. Russia, Portugal, Ukraine, Belgium, Turkey (the rest of the Euro top 10): Two levels. Total player count: 99,950. Close enough, I guess.
  5. A few introductory facts: 1. My game starts complaining at anything over 100,000 players. 2. Like everyone who has played FM too much, I have developed a certain OCD. 3. I have some third party files added to my game. Just the usual stuff. I don't think it has any effect on database size, but I can't guarantee that YMM not V concerning the following. Here's what I do (large database): For Europe, current top 25 UEFA nations, minus Cyprus which is not in the game. For this, substitute Ireland, just because, much like the moon, it's close to us. This gives us: Spain Germany England Italy France Russia Portugal Ukraine Belgium Turkey Czech Republic Switzerland Netherlands Greece Austria Croatia Romania Denmark Belarus Poland Sweden Israel Scotland Norway Ireland Then, South America: Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Uruguay. North America: Mexico, USA. Asia: China. Set everything to top two leagues (if available), except: England and Scotland, who get four levels, and Belgium, which gets three (they have a weird league structure anyway). This gives me a player count of.... wait for it... drumroll... ON THE NOSE the magical number of 100,000 players. This makes me very happy. So clearly, this is the Right, Proper and Correct database setup. Edit: Hang on, I think I slightly improved on this. Remove the second level from Switzerland, Columbia and Uruguay, keeping only the top league for those. This leaves the magical player count, while shaving off some pointless leagues. The total (unless I screwed up somewhere in there) should now be 65 leagues, 32 nations.
  6. FM has always been both of these, to the bone. Which is why I'm wondering why I've bought it five years in a row. Apparantly, somehow, despite these obvious problems, it still manages to light up my brain in ways that make me want it like a vampire wants blood. Make of that what you will. Your mileage on this will vary depending on which patch you're on. Out of the box, it was buggy, as usual. At patch 1.4, it was perfect. With patch 2.0, for some incomprehensible reason, SI broke it again. I'm hoping they'll unbreak it back with the January update.
  7. You do know that you can have your assistant take control of friendlies, right? So there's no need for an instant results button for that.
  8. I do find it a bit strange that this feature has been in the game for years (at least since FM2010, if I remember correctly), and no one in all that time has been able to identify what it does, or indeed notice any difference between the philosophies when watching the matches. I sure can't. Maybe it's just cosmetic, like preferred squad numbers. Or an elaborate prank by SI.
  9. Now, this is rather annoying, and it has never been an issue in any FM before, as far as I can remember. An example of the issue: Set up a formation, pick players. Save selection. Create a second formation. Go back to the first formation. The players have now moved around for no reason. Even loading the previously saved squad selection doesn't put them back where they were. In fact, all sorts of altering or swapping tactics make the players move around. It makes saving squad selections completely useless, and changing to a saving tactic during a match is now a hassle. Surely this isn't intended behaviour? Should I report it as a bug?
  10. Two players per position, plus a third choice goalie. Always. Then again, I have OCD.
  11. I was just watching some documentaries on YouTube about Brian Clough, and it got me thinking about what his approach to "philosophy" would be. On the one hand, he would give his players very few instructions and keep them very simple. This implies a lot of creative freedom, little specialization and a fluid philosophy. On the other hand, he never asked his players to do things they weren't good at, had a clear division of labour in his teams (defenders defend, full backs win the ball back, wingers cross, midfielders go up and down, strikers put it in the net, etc), and some very specific ideas about the kind of football he wanted his teams to play, even if he preferred to keep those ideas simple rather than complex. This implies less creative freedom, a lot of specialization and a rigid philosophy. The problem with the idea of attempting to link the philosophy with the number of "specialist" roles (as well as the currently popular definition of what constitutes a "specialist role"), I think, is that it simply doesn't account for the situation where you want to tell your players: "I want you to focus on a few simple things, and stick to them". That's something you often want to do in the lower leagues, and, taking Clough as an example, sometimes at the top level, too (even if Clough might add: "how you go about those things will then be up to you"). I'll admit that I'm not sure what to make of this. For now, I prefer to think of philosophy as simply a creative freedom modifier. That is the one thing we can say for sure that it does in the match engine, and it does work on a scale, with less creative freedom on rigid and more on fluid. Basically, if you select a fluid philosophy and then find that you need to use "be more disciplined" or "stick to position" to counteract what it does, I'm not at all sure that it makes sense to pick a fluid philosophy in the first place.
  12. I'm playing Ulloa as a lone FC/A in a 4-5-1 (or 4-3-3 if you prefer) at Brighton, and he's banging them in left, right and centre. The trick, as said, is to give your striker proper support to keep him from becoming isolated. I'm playing an IF to his right who gets into the box a lot (I'm fiddling with get more forward / stay narrow instructions to make this guy even more attacking) and an AP with an attack duty in central midfield. In addition to the AP, an IF set to support on the left flank is providing assists. I'm also pushing the team up. The striker is rarely if ever alone up there.
  13. The Swedish team Morön BK always makes me snicker as well.
  14. Exactly. Everyone knows that it's the even-numbered FMs that are the good ones (as opposed to Beethoven symphonies, where it's the odd-numbered ones).
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