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  1. Why is there such a disparity in prices between steam and CD version? Is the novelty of downloading it and not needing the CD really worth 15 quid more?
  2. Problem solved guys. Laptop was stuck in stealth mode!
  3. Everything has remained the same. I said the system lagged, I meant the game. During my last save over the last couple of days, the game seemed to lag: subs took that second longer, clicking on things, FM itself said 'program not responding' momentarily before carrying on.
  4. Have been playing with computer performance star rating of 4 and a half and game speed of 4 stars (due to number of leagues I play). I started a new game today and the system performance jumps between 1 and half and 2 stars depending how many times I load up a new game; the game speed is half a star - 1 star. I have Intel i7 4.00GB ATI Radeon HD 5800 series. I cannot fathom how I've suddenly got those results. Any help would be great. Cheers. Btw, the system does seem to lag a bit now.
  5. It's really, really hard with Pompey. Just come out of the January transfer window in first season, still in administration so can't sign anyone. Like others have said, I was taken over by a brazilian consortium early July or something. I have injuries galore, my best players getting signed on a free, and an average age of my team about 19 or something now. Needless to say, I'm 23rd, 16 points off safety. Ouch.
  6. Fastest FM for me yet. Love the speed.
  7. Defending is ridiculous. When Walters scores 4 against you in a 5-1 rout you know there are problems. Conceding on average 2 a game.
  8. Just going to start a PSG save. Had a great time with them on the last game. Mr Sundlofer, absolutely brilliant thread and info. I take my hat off to you, sir.
  9. How are people selling all these player for 5-10 mill? I can't flog anyone for even 2 mill!
  10. I got it up and running but Vicente wasn't in the Brighton team...?
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