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  1. if you have a proper F9, try this:


    IFa(Villa)                                                  IFs(Pedro)

                  CMa (Iniesta)         CMs(Xavi)


    WBs (Abidal)   BPDd (Pique)  CDd(Mascherano) WBa(Alves)



    you dont have to use a HB unless the oppo uses a shadow striker. HB drops deeper to track the aggresively moving forward SS.

  2. if you have a proper F9, try this:


    IFa(Villa)                                                  IFs(Pedro)

                  CMa (Iniesta)         CMs(Xavi)


    WBs (Abidal)   BPDd (Pique)  CDd(Mascherano) WBa(Alves)



    or at least you should set your BBMs a left midfielder and your MEZa a right midfielder. besides, you dont need so many special roles like BBM MEZ DLP etc.

    sorry for my english。

  3. 在 2022/5/10 在 AM2点39分, gennamitico说:

    hi! when to use the 7 different versions?

    the current trigger press is “much more often”. if your opponent has enough time&space to pass&dribble,that means you have to choose a higher mentality tactic to give them more press. if your players dont have enough time&space to pass&dribble(for example,be forced to be back to the opponent‘ goal),that means you have to choose a lower mentality.

    i recall Pique‘s role in 10-11season was BPD,so change leftCB to BPD if you like to.

  4. 4 小时前, Kloppy说:

    Ever tried a 4-2-4? Jurgen seems to play that when desperate for a goal. Also used it at times against City with Henderson, used to cut off passing angles and pressure the backline. 

    when the opposition uses a 3 central defenders formation, its the best time for u to use a 2 central forwards formation like 4-2-4. to handle a guardiola's 4-3-3, a 4-2-3-1 is best, but i dont have enough time to make it perfect. if you wanna use my 4-3-3 with liverpool, please make mirror-like settings, coz u know Salah is a IFa. sorry for my english.

  5. 1,formation



    first season with original players;VeryAttacking version tactic:










    choose the higher mentality version tactic:the opposition is given enough space&time to pass&dribble

    4,pitch size&width

    choose 105m*68m for home pitch size;

    I would narrower my attacking&defensive width on a ≤68m pitch

    5,player traits

    it's bad for your Su-duty player to have move-forward style traits;vice versa.

    6,tweaks against different formations











    you see,

    when the opposition uses 2 central forwards, you change your DMd to HBd;

    when the opposition uses a shadow striker on AM position, you change your DMd to HBd;

    when the opposition uses deeper wing attackers, you make your WBs higher position;

    7,waste time

    I would reduce the passing directness&tempo to relax during the match

    8,take the champions league final above as an example

    I use the VeryAttacking one;

    liverpool uses a 4-3-3,so I make my DMd a CMd;

    Mane&Salah are much faster than my WBs,so I make my defensive line from much higher to higher,then I make my line of engagement from much higher to higher to keep the vertical compactness;

    Mane&Salah&Fermino have much better off-ball than my 4 defenders,so I don't tick use offside trap.






    4-3-3-Attacking.fmf 4-3-3-Balanced.fmf 4-3-3-Cautious.fmf 4-3-3-Defensive.fmf 4-3-3-Positive.fmf 4-3-3-VeryAttacking.fmf 4-3-3-VeryDefensive.fmf

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