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  1. i think high offball is neccessary for f9 if cm to score and wb to assist.
  2. i have no idea sorry, in theory in lower divisions tactics should be more direct. long balls, headers, paces, you know.
  3. really? i ticked it coz in FM15 my player who dribbles are tackled for 50 times in 1 game...
  4. i have to rewrite the tweak part due to the change of wingback...
  5. it seems like the WB should be push up if u r using a HB, or the HB wont drop so deep to help your centerbacks.. for example, when u face a 3232...
  6. but the CMa' performance still troubles me, his pass ratio is low though i have limited his pass range, and he likes shoot... i dont know if i should minus 1 to his close down coz it seems he lost his defend position sometomes.
  7. test what? the new tactics? draging back the wingbacks is a smart move according to my tests.