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  1. teamshape determines how may so called specific roles like Libero you can have on the pitch, you can imagine there're not so many specific roles in Michels's Total Football. why do u prefer Libero... DLP stays too deeper than AP, its not good according to my experience in FM2013. the changes for team instructions are not complex if you know some real football. you pass shorter&slower if you play possession game, but you pass directly and fast when you want to defence or counter, you have to do something to keep a good width too. dispite that, you can choose a mixed CROSS style in tea
  2. i dont make CM&AP tackle harder anymore, and set-pieces can be optimised further. i think you can have a try coz the tactic frame is nearly perfect.
  3. well, i think the mentality should be chosen more carefully now, and dont forget tweak among the matchs coz the opponents may change mentality and formation if they fall behind in scores.
  4. 以前球员属性界面可以看到 还有几张黄牌就停赛啥的,现在咋没了??相关内容在哪查看?
  5. it still works great in my save, but i think the mentality among the matches should be set more carefully. once i chose overload in every game,but now it doesnt work. besides, the tweak to width and defensive line on uncommon size pitch should be considered carefully too.
  6. im not sure, try to not press and mark the 3CM, make your CMa press much less and push up your WB and make them press sometimes. good luck...
  7. i will check the counter version to decide if i should improve it if i have time. im troubled by the low pass ratio too and not sure wheather its caused by pass into space. by the way, if you use barcelona, watch out suarezs PPM.
  8. search guidetofootballmanager in google and check the Opposition Instruction part. i dont close down Wolcott style sideplayer(much faster but low creativity and pass) in OI(not player instruction), but i watch the match before i make decision when facing other style sideplayer most of time.
  9. what roles? SS or advanced playmaker? SS' position is higher and closer to the forward, he moves into the box frequently and doesnt track back so deep to defend.
  10. do you ask your players to focus attention when u score a lot? besides, if the opposition increase mentality to score (higher dline, higher press, you cant turn around any more, you know), ud better choose the lower mentality tactic then.
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