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  1. In 4th season won the title, lost in CL in first KO round again. Did some transfers at start of 5h season: Sold for 20M EUR players: My current squad: After 4 years in a row playing the CL, I did not manage to get in the group stage this year. So im playing EL at the moment.
  2. At the end of the winter transfer period im leading the league again. Managed to survive my CL group again. Will be playing Atletico Madrid in next round. Transfers in during winter transfers: Transfers out Some of my youngsters:
  3. Did some last minute transfers at the end of the transfer period. Sold a few players: Brought in Micah Richards: Managed to qualify for the champions league group stage for the 4th time in a row. Won the first match easy: My current tactics:
  4. Managed to win 3rd title in a row. Also won the cup. This is my current team: Transfers in: Transfers out:
  5. At the end of the winter transfer period in the 3rd season im leading the premiership without having lost a single game. I will have to beat Real Madrid in the first KO round of the Champions League. I decided to loan out Praet and Sepovic and bought some other players. Transfers in: Transfers out: My squad for the second half of the season:
  6. Start of 3rd season, managed to qualify for CL again. Transfers in: Transfers out: My current squad:
  7. So at the winter transfer period in 2016, I decided to loan out Guidetti. I also managed to sign Fellaini on a half season loan. Ended last in CL group: Lost the League cup final and lost in 5th round of the cup. Managed to win second title in a row though:
  8. He is good enough for Scottish league. My final transfers at start of second season:
  9. Nice results. Will start my Standard game when final game comes out.
  10. Transfers first season: First season ended, won the treble! Did well in Champions League, won the group but lost in 1st KO round against Man City 4-5. My tactics: Transfers for the second season:
  11. Nice results Nolte! Did you do any great signings? Below a videoclip of Gabriel Barbosa in the supercup against Real Madrid. He is the best striker in game! [video=youtube;eHCwrl7fwWM]
  12. 5th season ended. Finally managed to win the league! Also won the Spanish cup final! Rewards we got:
  13. Small update, doing awesome at the league at this moment. This year might be the year we become Spanish league winner! Also back in the Spanish cup final. In CL we lost 1-0 against Manchester United, thanks to a good keeping De Gea. I had alot of chances but we did not manage to score.
  14. Halfway 5th season. Got the golden boy award for the second time in a row. Did some incoming transfers. Got already 3 foreigners in my squad, so I loaned out Ivan Sanchez to R. Sociedad and Andrezinho to Real Betis B. I decided to loan out Abel Hernandez, because he didnt score enough goals, loaned out to Benfica with a 8MEUR fee if they want to buy him. Miguel Veloso is out too, 31 years old, needed to cash now. Casteels was third keeper, he got unhappy so I sold him. Transfers in: Transfers out:
  15. I also never had injuries with newly signed players.
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