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  1. Does anyone know how good Will Jääskeläinen can become? He has great potential on my save (Bolton in 2017) but does anyone know his PA / have any screenshots of him later in the game?
  2. Sorry if this has already been mentioned but is there a way to remove the background logo (club, competition logo) completely?
  3. Hmm... I can't seem to find this chap, I have England down to League 2 loaded?
  4. Found this dude... Anton Maikkula: Playing for Kalmar FF Cost me just over 1m but was only valued at like 18k! Could this be random?
  5. With Norway you can start in Jan 2015. With Sweden you can start in Feb 2015. Brazil is Dec 2014. I do this often as I enjoy taking over a team in either Jan or Feb right at the bottom and try to keep them up
  6. Thanks, he ended up rejecting Arsenal in the end due to wages! Decided to keep him as like you said HG/English plus he's been at the club all career.
  7. Well... now this: Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: James Ward-Prowse Your Team: Southampton Buyer/Seller: Arsenal Player's Value: £9M Offer: £25M upfront Transfer/Wage Budget: Patch: 15.1.4. Season: 15/16
  8. Yeah, agreed. He's been moaning ever since PSG made their first bid of like £12M! Turned it down and cancelled the Stones bid as I really don't want to lose him - I've tried to offer him a new contract but he's not interested. 3 years remaining on current contract and £31M buyout clause.....
  9. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Éder Álvarez Balanta Your Team: Southampton Buyer/Seller: PSG Player's Value: £10M Offer: £26M - Non-Negotiable Patch: 15.1.4. Season: 15/16 Your thoughts? EDIT: I've just had a £20M offer for John Stones accepted...
  10. Scouting > Drop down arrow next to 'Quick Search' and choose 'Transfer Status' then ' Transfer Listed'
  11. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Mame Diouf Your Team: Stoke Buyer/Seller: Wolfsburg Player's Value: £13.75 million Offer: £20 million all in Transfer/Wage Budget: TB - £23 million, WB - £220,000-a-week Patch: Latest patch Season: Summer, 2015/2016 He's been great for me since I took over in Feb 2015. Played 24, Scored 11, Assisted 2 and PoM is 3 with an average of 7.13. He's already moaning though and wants to leave... your thoughts? I can get Jordan Rhodes for £12 million as replacement?
  12. Name: Miroslav Stevanovic Nationality: Bosnia and Herzegovina Position: AMR / MRL / AML Wage demand: 9K What level he's good for: Leading for Championship / Maybe lower Prem? Leagues loaded: Eng, Germany, Norway, Scotland & Sweden Extra information: Bought him for my Cardiff team and value went up to £5m! Only 24 and recently at Sevilla. Either footed
  13. Angelo Henriquez has signed for Dinamo Zagreb. Heard it's loan with option to buy? Source: https://twitter.com/gnkdinamo/status/498854885761515522/photo/1
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