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  1. Im sure you could do this in previous versions but can't find it, does it not exist? And I don't mean the declare interest option
  2. Tom Cleverley

    Im sorry but any player who has been consistently played by Ferguson is not a bad player
  3. Also what about sub appearances, do they still count?
  4. Just a simple question here I know playing time helps young player development and stopping older playing decline but does the actual performance make any difference? Thanks in advance
  5. My players very very rarely score long range goals, I won the league last season and I remember one goal from outside the box But it's not just long shots, I find that the finishing from my supposedly world class forwards from anything thats not a sitter is absolutely diabolical, it's a good job I make so many chances, maybe its just 3d engine making chances look easier than they really are but Im sure shooting and finishing is a bit wrong this year. These same players missing shot after shot scoring only because they have so many chances yet they still get good ratings and are sought after by other clubs
  6. Do the creators actually with-hold from making parts of the game more complex to keep requirements down? Im not talking of graphics but for example something like player development which is something I would love to see in more depth
  7. Im so in agreement with the OP on his points When my team is in good form, I can beat anyone while keeping to my standard tactics and only altering slightly for the opposition, but being in bad form I have found that no matter what I do with tactics my team will play poorly in relation to their normal quality. Now I realise that form is relevant and it will obviously affect the ability of your players and results, but in my mind it really does seem to have far too much influence on your teams play and can at times seem to override good tactic changes which surely shouldn't be the case in real life, now I never played last years version of the game but Im sure I don't remember any of the other versions being so morale biased as this version, I think it's just gone too far and excessive care to press & player morale just isn't much fun in my opinion, tactics and getting them right is much more fun Also regarding the other comments about the actual forum, totally agree, I see it all the time, posters asking questions or offering criticisms about the workings of the game often get put down instantly and I think most are automatically thought of as the 'the game is rubbish, my tactics don't work, I can't win' type of poster
  8. So the manual does suggest that physios do affect the prevention of injuries, so my situation might not be all luck then
  9. Not all physios are the same though
  10. Im hoping to resist the urge to buy the game next season to be honest, its too addictive ha Look i didn't come on here to get loads of attitude, I just wanted to see if other people had experienced this issue But was just dealt the normal, "its your fault" or "bad luck" replys which are normal on here when really we are dealing with a computer game which wont be perfect and will have flaws
  11. Try reading the full sentence I came on here to see if anybody has experienced this problem
  12. Everybody keeps saying this but how do you know?
  13. Your not getting my point, im not suggesting injuries are lower or higher than real life, im suggesting that new physios have increased my injuries. Ah soak tests, okay then, it must be just real life then ;-) I could do but what difference will it make to me now, I only every play one game per edition and ive learn't my mistake now, never change physio's unless they retire i suppose