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  1. lol, totally misread that, makes sense now! First season back in the top league you tend to have a few million to spend but you can easily sell one of the squad players to make up for any shortfall to get them.
  2. Welcome to the thread, looks good. I think Soutar and Walsh are real players though, unless they just happen to have the same name and position. ICT won the league in my save, nice to see someone else win (apart from when Rangers are in the top flight!)
  3. I found this stopped after the latest patch for me. Constantly losing by a single goal or two mainly due to rediculous errors by my players, maybe 20 goals in under 20 games and I would have a huge number of shots on target etc. Now there is a good balance, I lose games at times but the frequency has gone and is no longer an issue.
  4. My chase of Celtic is pretty much over. 16 games since the patch I had lost 2 and drawn 1. Closed the gap by a huge margin and beat Celtic too in a 6 pointer. Got beat at ICT away 2-1 and there are only 6 games remaining. Celtic are now 8 points ahead with one OFG left to play. The loss to Celtic after the patch where even Lennon said afterwards that I should feel sick to have lost it looks even more vital now! There's always next season, and with my young squad now playing we've got a great chance. Might still catch them though...
  5. I've just started to build my squad now and I'm finding the sell on % is a great tool for negotiating contacts. You lose the money in the sale but can get a great player on a very small wage. I seen that you guys have used this too which is where I got the idea
  6. I really struggled with this version until this update. Various tactics had my team playing well but I was plagued by bugs which meant I could never really challenge as I would lose "silly" goals constantly and end up with high scoring games. Since the latest patch the ME is much improved and the goals I'm losing are down to bad play or tactics and not bugs. Great job to all those involved, you've saved FM14 for me!
  7. Yeah that's a sensible way of doing it and I've done that previously. Also made a fair amount of cash from the monthly fee's they bring in. I read Cleon's thread about development and have been trying to implement bits of that this time round and seems to be doing ok. I scheduled under 19's fixtures for the first few years to give them game time and that actually helped quite a bit I think (though it was hardly scientific). I'm developing countless Scottish talent and others who are eligable for Scotland with one eye on the Scotland job. Always get the job eventually but I get a bit jaded wit
  8. Great updates, I have been put off sending my youngsters out on load after reading a few of the guides on here but they seem to be developing well. Lots of Scottish talent, will you be looking to take the Scotland job when it becomes available? Managed to play a couple of games post patch and the change is unbelievable. Not a lot has changed in how the team plays but I think all the rediculous errors have gone! I conceded two goals to Hearts which were bad but not glitchy. Played Celtic off the park but lost 1 - 0 which was fine too. These things happen. Now playing catchup in the league but
  9. Yeah I know exactly what you mean I knew I was ranting when I wrote that soi doubt I'll give in. I've played about with tactics and made subtle changes over long periods to try to get something working. Usually I try a tactic for a couple of months at a time so I give it a good time period to settle and fine tune it. My results are not awful in that I finished 4th on the final day of my first season back in the SPL and would have been 3rd if I had won that game. It's the goals conceded which really does my head in. The odd mistake I can live with but it's beyond a joke. I've looked at the ppm
  10. Rant/ I've not been able to play much recently but I'm just about ready to put the game in the bin. I have tried tactics of all shapes and sizes and read all the tactical advice in various threads and even tried copying the tactics of others who have been successful but to no avail. The instructions I give seem to have little or no effect, scoring goals doesn't seem to be a problem and defensively we look sound 90% of the time however every game, almost without fail, the opposition play an innocuous ball through which my defenders don't even look at reacting to and go and score. I've taken the
  11. I would stay and try to improve the SPFL as a whole. With the increase in rep the money increases also which means you can challenge and achieve a higher level. Also you'll look back and wonder what might have been.
  12. I am indeed and usually just promote them. I started scheduling games as I had loads of promising youth players and noticed there was a pretty good increase in the stats over the period.
  13. Obviously it depends on your players but I have liked 4 at the back, a DM, 2 CM, 2 wingers and a lone striker for a while. Playing control and pressing high up the pitch, I usually get a lot of chances. You can play about with the player roles and the new options for the DM mean it's a bit more attacking than before.
  14. I have started scheduling games for my u19 squad to play teams in the local area, usually costs about £1K per game and the opposition is of low quality. I have noticed a decent increase in player development although I have only been doing it for the last 2 months of the previous season and the first 2 months of my current season. Has anyone done this to a greater extent or know if this is a fruitless mission?
  15. A simple one for me, seeing suitable tutors on the training screen. Not always used but a useful reminder at times.
  16. Looks like a good team, you'll need to start going for sucess in Europe soon! I've started concentrating on Scottish players with a view to improving the chances of the national team (when I eventually get the job). Spent £5M on a centre back from Hibs, a bit excessive I know but he looks like he'll be amazing. I'll post some screen shots if I can figure out how!
  17. I changed my shouts right before the 15 minutes were up, it then sat at the match info screen on top of the pitch view.
  18. I managed to recreate it during the same game and pressing spacebar continued the game to extra time. I have the save game file and a screen shot of where the freeze generally occurs if needed.
  19. Apologies, I've been working. I didn't get the chance to click it as the first half of extra time ended and the the game moved to the normal screen for starting extra time (minus the start 2nd half button). It hasn't happened to me since this incident however it happened once previously which I didn't post about. I'll try to recreate it and keep a save file and screen shots which are of some use.
  20. Thanks for the response, yeah I tried the space bar also but no joy. Everything was at default and I was running it windowed and maximised.
  21. Ha! It happens to us all eventually! I wish the AI allowed for a bit more challenge, I've even tried loaning excellent players out to other Scottish clubs for nothing but doesn't really help that much.
  22. Great thread, I loved watching United that season, it was some of the most awe inspiring football I have seen. If someone had made a movie about how it ended up people would have said it was far fetched! With regards to the tactics, I agree the player roles are not exactly right but you would have to constantly change them to replicate exactly that team. Keane and Scholes constantly adapted to the game, Yorke and Cole were excellent and you couldn't set a role for any of them. That said Giggs and Becks were probably just winger attack and wide mid support without much deviation as they were u
  23. With regards to the shouts, I'm sure I read somewhere that the retain possession and shorter passing can be counter productive as explained above. One or the other combined with Control mentality might work better? Not sure about the science behind it but my team certainly played better with one instead of both. Also think I read that pass into space is good for possession as it would be hard if everyone was expected to pass to feet but it may be that someone said pass to feet was bad. Either way I'm using Control, retain possession, pass into space and it's working well.
  24. As the others have said, read through some of the tactics advice and even other peoples problems which have been commented on. It's most likely that your tactics are counter productive and just need a subtle tweek, like changing your shouts to match your system or similar.
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