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  1. [Released] Netbook2012 Skin

    Awesome - thanks!
  2. I'm right with you. Based on previous games not being truly finalized until the final patch, I have waited to buy the 2011 game until this 3rd patch comes out.
  3. Dynamic League Rep. ??

    The benefits of this are two-fold. One is that you do get those small changes that take place when you have a multi-year career (or the major changes in a multi-decade career). The other is that if you are one talented player who has taken an Icelandic club to Champions League glory in two years, then hopefully there will be a pretty major change for Iceland, whatever would mathematically be the case if that were to somehow happen in real life.
  4. I want to combine SPL and SFL teams into the English league system and have a question about the FA Cup. I essentially moved the highest reputation teams remaining in Scotland after the move into the SPL and the SFL and moved nearly all of Conference North and South into tier 7 leagues to make room for the Scottish imports. My question is ... will doing so mess up the FA Cup? I am assuming the game naturally takes all (or nearly all) of the teams in the three tier 7 leagues, but if those leagues are overbloated with teams, will that mean only some of those enter the FA Cup? I hope that made sense. Thanks.
  5. I Cannnot Believe it!!

    Now that is funny - lol. I remember getting sacked as USA manager after losing to Mexico in the Gold Cup. Like that would ever happen with how little people care about the Gold Cup here.
  6. tv matches

    I believe if you put original game date for all 10 as Wednesday and then have the TV date and time for those 10 games be Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, that should work. Am not 100 percent sure though.
  7. tv matches

    I think you would have to create (in a 20-team league) 10 TV games every week. Maybe create 10 mid-week TV games too for those mid-week contests. Somebody else may have a better answer, but that's my best guess.
  8. can i edit a runnig game?

    Unfortunately I believe you have to start a new game for editing changes to take effect.
  9. A Scottish Football Calender ??

    This might be what you're looking for, at least in regards to Scotland - pages 21-26 (especially 25-26) of the linked PDF from the SPL's home page. Hopefully this helps. http://scotprem.co.uk/content/mediaassets/doc/SPL%20Handbook%202009-10.pdf
  10. The MLS

    I just used the new editor to create MLS how I like it - single table, no playoffs (other than the U.S. Cup) and got rid of the drafts. In other words, made it more European. A regular season that actually means something (i.e. determines the league's champion over 30+ games, not over four). Normal transfer system. Or course I do not see this happening in real life anytime soon, but that is why I created that setup in my game. By the way, one of the best things MLS ever did was to, as somebody mentioned above, make it just like the rest of the world on the field. No stupid penalty shutouts during regular-season games, etc. I can live with the off-the-field rules I don't agree with as long as I can head over to the stadium and still see games played with the same field rules as England, etc. That is one of the reasons I cannot stand American college soccer - partly because of the clock counting down and stopping all the time, but mostly because there are subs every five minutes. Completely ruins the flow of the game for me.
  11. If you have a job offer in your in box (that you have not declined) and then go on holiday, I believe the system will cause you to automatically accept that job. That's the only thing I can think of.
  12. You might not care but I do. Even if it does make my game slower.
  13. Tier 8 of English football in FM10?

    So would we be able to in fact change the rules of leagues already in the league, such as SD3? Sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere. If the answer is yes, would other details of already-playable leagues be allowed to be changed, such as changing the financial system of MLS to more of a European one? (i.e. no salary caps, etc.)
  14. Sacked in FM2010

    Exactly. If I just want to manage and see how long I can last at a club, etc., etc., then status quo is great. However, if I just want to take one club through the ups and downs of years - even decades - with them, that is unfortunately not possible with how the game is set up currently.
  15. Sacked in FM2010

    Hmm, maybe the point is that you want to lead your team to titles and promotions? That drives me more in FM than fear of being sacked ever will. Would it honestly cost SI money? Seriously, how complicated would adding that option be? You just get rid of that line that when crossed causes the manager to be let go. Simple.