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  1. agreed with OP... how do i stop this... driving me mental
  2. Unsure as to how to get the mini "team background" ones working, Ive got the full background ones working. Anyhelp would be much appreciated
  3. i edited a database didnt edit any existing names or anything just created a new league and replaced and old one.. sent my friend the database and we keep getting an error when we try and join each other.. each of us tried hosting same problem each time any fix? please let me know
  4. what club are you playing as because i know domestic player bias has an effect and if you signed 20 foreign youngsters well id say there is the problem
  5. anything at all out of the ordinary... players unhappy? players having personality clashses? someone cant settle in area? hows form been of late?
  6. bad results and poor finances can take the club stature down... either of them a problem for u?
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