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  1. Thanks for the info and the work your putting into it Neil. Nevertheless I'm pretty certain I tried all graphic settings (I definitely tried medium) and the only one that guaranteed me no crashes was the lowest end of the slider (on the geforce experience software). I find that odd as my previous laptop had significantly inferior specs (including graphics card) and I had no issues running the game in any of the settings I tried - no crashes at all. Must be something very specific of this particular configuration and hardware setup as you said.
  2. Jimmy, First of all I appreciate your efforts to help. Regarding database changes I do have some (same as every year) but they are ALL used by a lot of people worldwide (and some are even official updates). I've spent way more hours trying to solve problems related to FM18 rather than enjoying my time playing FM18 and please remember I payed for this game which is supposed to be entertaining and NOT stressful. For now I give up, I won't invest time in another new save (as you asked me) when I'm aware that it's probably going to end the same way - crashing in some way. Unfortunately I rather play the game with less graphic quality than waste any more time restarting. I'm sure you are aware that this game has problems as I have seen that my problem is being reported by other users that experience the same solution - lowering graphic quality. I only wanted to know if you have some idea of whats causing the problem and ,if so, if it's something that you think won't happen again in FM19? I don't think it's to much to ask given how unplayable the game was this year, worse than ever at least for me - and I have been playing every single year since CM 96.
  3. Was that message intended for me? I don't have any McAfee software at all on my computer. I also didn't find any of that information on the Belarc report I sent you...
  4. Well... I tried reducing graphics quality in the geforce experience app and for now the issue is solved and I have been playing for a while no without any problems (apart from the graphical quality, of course). Shame I had to drastically reduce graphic quality even though I have a somewhat recent computer which is well withing the suggested system specs. So I'd like to ask you, so I can better decide what to do, regarding FM19 should I expect this issue to remain unchanged for my PC?
  5. Tried both turning on Game Mode and Disabling the GeForce Experience Share In-game Overlay and nothing changed. Also I have just sent you my belarc report
  6. Nope. Just tried that and nothing changed - same problem with either drivers - game crashes on the 25th. Of note, this only happens with FM, not other games I have installed.
  7. It seemed to fix it temporarily: The 25th crash did not happen the first time but it crashed while I was saving the game. The next time I booted my save up the 25th crash happened again. No crash dump files in any of my crashes thus far. I have done that several times and it did not work.
  8. Sorry for the delay but I was unable to play for a while. Yes, I tried deleting cache and preferences and it did not work. Then, I also tried removing the skin and graphics I had downloaded and I managed to advance beyond that date. And then a new old (this happened to me before in another save) crash happened - the game suddenly closed (no error message) while I was saving (after finishing the next match). And so I decided to try again and reboot the game - this time it crashed like before: 25th of August (the only thing I did different was tell my Assist Manager to handle match pre briefing). Unbelievable. So once again, one issue apparently fixed and a new one came up...this is beyond frustrating.
  9. Here is the DxDiag. As for the crash dump file, I cannot find such a file - there is no crash dump folder inside my C:\Users\[Your Windows Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018 folder. DxDiag_sh3ft.txt
  10. Hi. For me FM has been totally unplayable this year - and this is the first time I ever had any technical issues with the game. Since buying it I have had several different crashes (both during matches and between them) in every single save game I started. As such I stopped "playing" (if you can call it that) for a while and decided to give it another go a few days ago with the new game version. Below I'll describe my latest issue. In this new game (started with the 18.3.4 version) I haven't had any problems during matches yet, however now my game crashes (the game just closes, it doesn't present any error message whatsoever) every time I try to progress beyond a certain in-game date in my latest save game. I tried reloading an older save file (of the same game) and this now seems to happen there too, although on a different previous in-game date (which previously did not happen). Of note, I did NOT make any hardware, driver or any other changes in my PC before this crash started to happen - in fact it started happening in a middle of a play session where I had been playing for hour. I uploaded the save game file to the FTP server - sh3ft_25August_crash.fm. I do hope you can offer some assistance, the game has been absolutely unplayable for me this year - for the first time ever I regret the money spent on FM.
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