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  1. - Full Manager or First Team Coach mode. Taking a job as full manager is the same as the current set-up, however at certain clubs you might only be offered a contract as the First Team Coach meaning your board/sporting director will decide on all transfers. This would also take away responsibilities like arranging friendlies and tours, choosing youth intake, stadium and training facilities etc. You will have to play with what you are given with maybe just recommendations to the board on what area you would like the squad strengthened. Maybe you could be given a veto vote or two if you really don't want a certain player to join. As you become more successful/higher rep at that club the board might then give you the choice of player they should bid for from a shortlist of 3 or 4 they have identified. Finally if you have done well enough you can ask for a full manager contract. Not only would it reflect real life a lot more at European clubs it would also add an extra challenge and dimension to the game, especially for those wanting to manage the likes of Real Madrid, Man City etc. - Player recommendations from favoured personnel Just like the option when asking your own player for a recommendation but this time from another manager. I know this happens in real life with lower league managers seeking opinions about ex-youth players from their previous managers or other players they had on trial but weren't quite good enough for that particular standard. IRL Wenger recommended Wilson Palacios to Steve Bruce at Birmingham and Ferguson signed Bebe after a recomendation from Carlos Querioz (oops) I'm sure it happens a lot more in lower leagues as well with more journeymen players and managers who don't have large scouting networks. Maybe limit it's use to once per season and not managers in the same league.