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  1. Hello, How can i remove Barcelona's transfer embargo ? Without editor, of course. Tks, regards.
  2. How to remove Barcelona's transfer embargo?? I try on data\db\edt\transfer embargo, but nothing there :/ tks in advance.
  3. Hi, all the time that i try to go to a match = crash dumps...hilarious... What should i do?
  4. Hello, On FM14 no problem with the zoom out on my computer, 95% works fine. Here, FM15, not... 75% (is to small) 95% (tooooooo big)
  5. Yes, it happens in a second. We can get any money that we want with this bug. Unfortunately... If you wanna try, send me PM. I'll not tell here, 'cause will ruin the game.
  6. Another beautiful bug: If i want i've got all money that i want without editors btw, nice job SI!
  7. So, Youth Facilities - rate of youth player CA improvement Youth Recruiment - Regen PA Junior Coaching - Regen CA Am i right?
  8. I'll say it again: and if they still give me ALL THE TIME half/less of the value?? Oh yeah, right...i already know your answer "accept or reject deal with it". btw, tks for your feedback HUNT3R and Cougar.
  9. And if i'm open to sell, and thye still give me half or less of the "value" ? 1. lol yes, if the value of that is 6M i'll not give 1M for a player, just that. 2. nop. 3. Yes. I made some stuff... one with more than the value and with same value (yeah, that stuff of point 1). And no one give that. 3.1. yes.
  10. If i'm not interested to sell, and if they are important players why other team give me half or something of their value? Well, Barcelona wants Ribery, take 10M B. Munchen thats cool... trolololol
  11. REALLY SI team???? This sh*t with 14.2.1 returns...omfg None of them are listed, but all offers are less than the real value.
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