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  1. Hi, i mange Man united who in real life are known for big away support, and ive noticed for the first time that my away fans had took up two stands away at burnley and just wanted to know wether support in real life is reflected into FM Thanks.
  2. Ineligible

    Ok Cheers
  3. Ineligible

    Ive recently signed a new player but isnt aloud to play next to his name it says "wp" any help Thanks.
  4. There is a new version of steam and i keep getting an error any help please ???
  5. [Released] FM2010 Sound Pack

    Works fine but i dont hear many chants, any help?
  6. Defensive Midfielder

    Kk Cheers everyone
  7. Defensive Midfielder

    Looking for a DM for around 3mil patch 10.3 for wolves in my first season
  8. Laggy 3D!!!

    kk cheers mate!!! any graaphics cards recomended
  9. Laggy 3D!!!

    My match engine seems to be laggy I cuurently have intel core 2 duo 2.2 ghz and intel gma x 3100 i wandered if it was the processor or the graphics that was making the match engine laggy ???
  10. Calling a meeting!!!

    kk cheers to everyone who replied
  11. How do you call a squad meeting:thup::thup:
  12. Long Throw

    ok. Cheers mate. go and put another shrimp on the barbie
  13. i was wondering how to exploit the long throws, i have players with 19 long throws, i set them to take it and for the throw-ins to be long but it still doesn't work. any help msg plz. Thanks.
  14. Help Needed: I need a right back that is a better defender than richard stearman who can defend and go forward. Any help reply back. Thanks
  15. Simming games

    Thanks 4 all comments.