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  1. play.com

    I used my code and customized my sleeve and when I finished my application and clicked to continue there was a runtime error on the page. Now I can't go back as it says I've used my code and I don't now if my application has processed or not, disaster !!
  2. Amber in the Blood - The Newport County Story

    Looks like your starting on one of those late season runs that you seem to have. Good Luck. Still enjoying this thoroughly.
  3. Amber in the Blood - The Newport County Story

    Won the title by 17 points and unbeaten for nearly half a season, great work !! Look forward to seeing The Exiles in the BSP next season, any interesting teams to keep our eye out for next season (like Torquay) ?? Again, Congrats.
  4. Amber in the Blood - The Newport County Story

    Looking good, so far, even if you don't win it this year....it's only a matter of time
  5. Amber in the Blood - The Newport County Story

    Sounds like a good, young squad you're building. Have Merthyr managed to gain promotion yet?? Maybe something for the fans to get excited about
  6. Amber in the Blood - The Newport County Story

    A gutting way to finish the season, bad luck, still a good season that finished better than expected? well done. Great signing in Sheringham, looking forward to the next season. KUTGW.
  7. Amber in the Blood - The Newport County Story

    Started reading this thread about a week ago and I have to say I am addicted to it now, I find it really fun to read, can't wait for the next bit. Great signing in Pulis, forget the play-offs at this rate you could win the league.
  8. On my coach reports I can't find the bit that says, for example, "good signing for a coca cola league 1 side", how do I get this ??
  9. Demo and system specs

    Right, I downloaded the Vanilla version of the demo and all worked fine, I then downloaded the strawberry version and after having trouble getting logos etc on it now crashes every 5 minutes. How can I go back to the vanilla version ?? Any more ideas McC
  10. Demo and system specs

    Cheers alot McC, Happy now lol:)
  11. Demo and system specs

    There are no logos at all, including the Football League, I downloaded the Vanilla version first and then the strawberry but, no logos, facepacks etc :confused:
  12. Demo and system specs

    I have downloaded the strawberry version of the demo but still have no logo's or player faces, what's wrong, any ideas ??