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  1. Basically I'm managing Bromley in the BSBS during the first season. I've been the subject of 3 takeover bids so far but every one has broken down a few days later. The first and third attempts were by the same guy so I would have thought that if he came back with another offer it would have been successful. Just wondering whether anybody knows why this is happening or if there is a way to push the takeover through? Cheers guys
  2. The Official FMRTE 2011 Thread

    Any official news from the big man about whether he's started work on it yet?
  3. FM Genie Scout 2010

    thanks. didnt know you could do it that way, as there is usually a shortcut on the top bar
  4. FM Genie Scout 2010

    can you filter by squad?
  5. i have just bought a laptop as my computer broke which had fm 2009 on it but now when i try to play and activate it i get the cannot connect to the internet. i have tried downloading all the launchers but they dont work and when i try the following i have to enter a password on the softanchor site and i try the trial version but it never works: Fix: 1) Open IE and go to: https://fm2009.sa01.softanchorinsight.com 2) Here if you are using IE7 it will prompt you – “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.” 3) Next, Click – “Continue to this website (not recommended)”. However – this is okay, it is safe. 4) Look up top at your IE address bar – you will see “Certificate Error”. Click this box, then click “View Certificates”. 5) Press, “Install Certificate…” 6) Select the “Place all certificates in the following store”. 7) Press “Browse” 8) Select “Trusted Root Certificate Authorities”. Not this will install the Go Daddy (a reputable) certificate into your trusted root certificate authorities if it is not there. 9) Press OK 10) Press Next 11) Press Finish Close IE, then Reopen it and to go to https://fm2009.sa01.softanchorinsight.com. Note: on this visit, you will be allowed without trouble. From here – 1) Reopen your FM2009 game 2) Enter your key into the Activation Dialog 3) Select the “Online” activation 4) Press Next You game should activate immediately. any suggestions
  6. Free attributes

    No apparently there are fewer free attributes now and just wondering whether anyone knew what they were
  7. Free attributes

    Does anybody know which attributes are free to each position in FM 2009?
  8. Fmrte

    Do you have an idea where this thread is?
  9. Fmrte

    cheers buddy, but what does everything in that graph mean?
  10. Fmrte

    No, I have the maximum stars for all training, bar 1 which is 1 off max and use heavy training
  11. Fmrte

    in previous fm's you could change a players position, feet, determination, influence, flair, consitency and important matches without any of the other stats going down but now when i do it all my players atttributes go down by at least 1 sometimes 2 whilst their current abilty stays the same. does anybody know which stats can be changed without affecting all of the other stats?
  12. 16 year old have been able to play for ages, it is if they are 15 or younger they need their parents and schools permission to play
  13. fmm

    cant wait until they get down to it, need it for the players with very weak feet