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  1. funny i never have any good regens for some reason at leat not as good as these above me.....
  2. club -> history -> records my records are: top goalscorer - 36 most assists - 18 worst discipline - 5 yellow cards / 1 red card most league goals for club - 202 youngest player - 16 years 149 days most games won in a row - 19 highest fee paid - 100.000.000 € hightes transfer fee recieved - 57.000.000 € total transfer spending - 156.000.000 (2014) total transfer income - 126.000.000 (2014) with arsenal
  3. mikael jackson im not kidding , lets see if i can find the picture somewhere on my hd.
  4. i would like to become a beta tester for si. first off im 25 years old. i know my post count is'nt very high but im here since 2004 but never registered. i know shame on me. so im playing this game since 2004 and love it to death and i play it with a passion.i would love to become a beta tester cause i want to be a part of the game and i want help to make it better.i've done this before for 2 different games as well, dunno if i can name them here but it was fun to test them and help to find some annyoing bugs. my biggest issue with fm09 is the 3d engine and i still dont know why cause i have a nvidia 9800 gt and i can play the newest ego shooters on high detail without any stutters, lags etc. i hope ill get a positive answer from you. thank you for your time.
  5. hahahahahaha CLASSIC thread.
  6. not at all ! im in my 4th season now and i have 2-3 injuries max. in a half year.
  7. to be honest i cheated in the demo (injuries) but not in the full.
  8. whoa just found another one !!
  9. mats hummels from bayern munich for 1,7m € wonderkid
  10. [/url] pretty good if you ask me
  11. GK Rene Adler (Bayer Leverkusen) - 25.000.000 € DR Name Prece DC M. Richards DC DL Phillip Lahm (Bayern Munich) - 20.000.000 MR MC Joao Moutinho (Sporting CP)- around 15.000.000 € MC Diego (werder Bremen) - 25.000.000 /30.000.000 € ML Robinho / F. Rossi ST Balotelli ST Rossi
  13. best believe i understand that you wanna protect your hard not gonna bitch, but i hope for fm2010 there will be a diffrent protection (like you come to my house and activate it personally ) cause that activation thing is kinda annoying .i knew this would happen , cause its the same with other games,like back in the day when half life 2 was the first game you had to activate via steam ( i believe it was the first one).whatever sorry for my bad aenglish im drunk ass hell.
  14. haaha a 15 years old boy giving a grown ass man who is 29 advises how to live his life.