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  1. funny i never have any good regens for some reason at leat not as good as these above me.....
  2. Club records

    club -> history -> records my records are: top goalscorer - 36 most assists - 18 worst discipline - 5 yellow cards / 1 red card most league goals for club - 202 youngest player - 16 years 149 days most games won in a row - 19 highest fee paid - 100.000.000 € hightes transfer fee recieved - 57.000.000 € total transfer spending - 156.000.000 (2014) total transfer income - 126.000.000 (2014) with arsenal
  3. Funniest player name

    mikael jackson im not kidding , lets see if i can find the picture somewhere on my hd.
  4. i would like to become a beta tester for si. first off im 25 years old. i know my post count is'nt very high but im here since 2004 but never registered. i know shame on me. so im playing this game since 2004 and love it to death and i play it with a passion.i would love to become a beta tester cause i want to be a part of the game and i want help to make it better.i've done this before for 2 different games as well, dunno if i can name them here but it was fun to test them and help to find some annyoing bugs. my biggest issue with fm09 is the 3d engine and i still dont know why cause i have a nvidia 9800 gt and i can play the newest ego shooters on high detail without any stutters, lags etc. i hope ill get a positive answer from you. thank you for your time.
  5. concerned girlfriend

    hahahahahaha CLASSIC thread.
  6. not at all ! im in my 4th season now and i have 2-3 injuries max. in a half year.
  7. to be honest i cheated in the demo (injuries) but not in the full.
  8. Any good regens on FM09?

    whoa just found another one !!
  9. Your Best Transfer Dealings

    mats hummels from bayern munich for 1,7m € wonderkid
  10. Any good regens on FM09?

    [/url] pretty good if you ask me
  11. GK Rene Adler (Bayer Leverkusen) - 25.000.000 € DR Name Prece DC M. Richards DC DL Phillip Lahm (Bayern Munich) - 20.000.000 MR MC Joao Moutinho (Sporting CP)- around 15.000.000 € MC Diego (werder Bremen) - 25.000.000 /30.000.000 € ML Robinho / F. Rossi ST Balotelli ST Rossi
  12. Unable to download patch

  13. best believe i understand that you wanna protect your hard work.im not gonna bitch, but i hope for fm2010 there will be a diffrent protection (like you come to my house and activate it personally ) cause that activation thing is kinda annoying .i knew this would happen , cause its the same with other games,like back in the day when half life 2 was the first game you had to activate via steam ( i believe it was the first one).whatever sorry for my bad aenglish im drunk ass hell.
  14. haaha a 15 years old boy giving a grown ass man who is 29 advises how to live his life.