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  1. Both instances have been at different times whilst during a game 'between highlights' Please see attached DxDiag. I have followed all your recommended instructions and will play again soon and report any issues. DxDiag.txt
  2. My game has crashed twice during a game, both times when watching the game. I have no custom graphics, no issues previously with any games. Match settings are on low. Game speed 4/5 stars. Italy, English, Spanish, French top leagues selected. All graphics are up to date. No problems with Beta, started a new game upon full release. FM 2019 v19.1.1.1159619 (2018.11.01 23.07.39).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.1.1159619 (2018.11.02 09.59.33).dmp
  3. its not a problem with memory its a problem with your on drivers for your motherboard, up to now its also unfixable with all the updates faq's etc unless you change your motherbaord i have had the same problem and could not start a game as i was getting this error, tried everything xp-vista-Win7 new graphics card upgrade RAM update'd ALL software still would not load up the start game menu had to load the wrong motherboard drivers onto a different hard drive with vista in order to play on my PC
  4. Scouts Knowledge.. .. Scouts should have previous knowledge when you sign them. i.e something of a coup if you can sign a man utd scout at your lesser club what with there insisde knowledge should be possible now that scouts 'roam' on their own accord....
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