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  1. Unhappy

    And so you shouldn’t have to pay for a patch, what is a patch... SI's way of covering up their own incompetence of not releasing a stable game? The point is when buying a game you expect it to work properly if your PC at least meets the 'Minimum Requirements', I too purchased the game at full price on its release day and have had endless problems and spent a great deal of time trying to sort it out. In future SI should put a warning on the game that actually it might not work as intended and that for all the good will of some people when trying to get help on the forum’s most of the time your met by idiots and SI's moderators 'Selective' style of replying, if you’re a noob (which most people experiencing problems and then coming on here for help are) your appeals for assistance will be mostly ignored I for one am glad my Xbox means I don’t have to go back to FM until its sorted properly (probably march when they start plugging the next release and forgetting about this one) This may come across as a negative rant, and so it should I have paid money for a product that doesn’t meet its purpose.
  2. no did not fix it unfortunately, its definately a problem with my motherboard drivers 100% sure of this as it works when i dont install them, cant be bothered to pinpoint which one exactly but SI should look into it my drivers are for an Intel DQ35JO Board this IS the problem, NOT MY MEMORY. FACT
  3. thanks for your replies guys thanks PGB SPURS i will try this tonight and let you know i cannot get to the page where you select leagues its loads the boot up into video's and even the first time loading in different languages screen but just as i'm expecting to get to the Main Menu i.e start new game thats when it stays black and or gives me the message?! yeah i have tried google i too am an IT Technician and google has come to my aid many times but not this time! thanks
  4. its definately not related to actuall memory of the PC i myself have an 8GB Intel Quad core 1GB Rad Graphics Card with nothing but Windows 7 on and i get this error, i can only pinpoint it to the PC drivers... but again SI will ignore this problem due to us being in the minority
  5. I’m getting sick of SI’s inability to help us users with this problem, If you check my post history I have had this problem ever since it occurred randomly half way through the Demo and I am unable to play the game. The game loads up but just after the copyright image when you’re expecting the Main Menu screen it goes black and gives me this error. I have tried everything; I work in IT and have used different hard drives, operating systems, all the updates but still SI seem to ignore this problem. I know you read these forums, an acknowledgement that you don’t know why this occurs would be better than your continued silence. I have managed to play the game on my laptop but this is not acceptable as i bought the game for my new PC. Silence is Golden? Not in this case its infuriating...
  6. its not a problem with memory its a problem with your on drivers for your motherboard, up to now its also unfixable with all the updates faq's etc unless you change your motherbaord i have had the same problem and could not start a game as i was getting this error, tried everything xp-vista-Win7 new graphics card upgrade RAM update'd ALL software still would not load up the start game menu had to load the wrong motherboard drivers onto a different hard drive with vista in order to play on my PC
  7. FM2010: Hull City A.F.C - Let The Tigers Roar

    what about sandro? i just got him for 7Mil entering season 3 and D'agostino from chelsea for 5.5M great central midfield time for becks to retire i think... anybody reccomend any full backs season 3? antunes and mendy are not rated very high by my ass man... bought crosas for 700k season 1, just sold him for 4.7m bought sapara season 1 for 2m, sold him season 2 for 10m bought jiminez as sapara's replacement for 3m just sold to man city for 14.5m just signed Van Der Vaart on loan for the second season only paying half his wage and a 500k signing on fee, not bad business oh and because uts VDV second season Hull is now on his favoured clubs list and he 'Welcomed the dream loan move' not bad for 500k and 30k a week also rejecting bids of near 10m for enyeama who cost me 350k, just signed Joe Hart on loan with a view to buy for 2.1M incase someone comes up with around 13M for enyeama, i may have to sell as he is not happy with me rejecting bids.... all this and i'm about 50k in the green on finances with 23M to spend, might blow it all to try to force Duffen out what do you think of the chances has this happened to anyone? still cant offload olifinjani (sp) tho lol, every few months its mutual termination rejected, for the last year cant give him away!
  8. they have had a week, where is their response then?
  9. have SI took all our money and gone on holiday the lack of response to this error message is extremely unprofessional they wrote the code they must have an idea as to what this error is to do with..
  10. This is FM08 all over again

    i finished 9th in my first season with hull, definately my most successful first season since FM07/08 and opening day fixture of season 2 i beat man utd 4-0 so i would say its maybe to easy but to hell if i'm going to complain about that. last FM the tactic where over complicated now i think you have found a happy medium
  11. i love the way SI mods where replying every 10 minutes when praise was incoming on the forums after the demo release now weve all bought the game and some cant even play it, they are no where to be seen... good work SI
  12. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?p=4170432#post4170432 me too mate i work with computers mine is a brnad new PC everything working fine exept FM its so frustrating i can play on vista but not my windows 7 64
  13. ok so i have re-installed windows 7 ran the windows updates than installed FM, it worked so i then proceded to install Java and Flash Player after restarting i go to start FM and same problem occurs... ok so i though it must be a conflict with Java or Flash so i formatted and installed just windows 7 and FM started the game and low and behold it vanishes from the display when i start to run it although it says it is running in the taks manager processes
  14. another day passes and still no response come on SI you programmed the game you must no what each error code stands for I STILL CAN NOT PLAY
  15. Yellow Halo Around Player

    thanks for this answer what about the offside flag next to my full backs? i'm sure it's been asked before but while im here just thought i'd trhow that one in too