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  1. Thank you both, i must just have a nervous defense!
  2. Does any one have success with shield wall late in the game? I understand you shouldn't go too soon with it but as soon as i do switch to it the highlights come thick and fast. It's like a suicide button for me.
  3. I am only assuming here but if you have individual player settings, you can remove the instruction when a player is on a yellow card.
  4. Brighton bid 300k for Dedryk Boyata whom is valued at 1.5M by the game. I say I want 1.5M, suggest terms and they withdraw. Brighton then bid again, 350k which I negotiate again to his value - offer withdrawn, Brighton sensing there is a deal to be done make a shrewd move and bid............................................ 375k! Unrealistic behaviour and I've seen lots of examples of it.
  5. A big improvement but now I've seen the rebirth of super keepers and some horrendous finishing.
  6. He's only 23 and hasn't played much in real life. He's played in both league cup games and has a squad status of squad rotation. Now he's royally peeved.
  7. I doubt it's related to the patch version but either way... Playing as WBA, Craig Dawson a promising central defender comes to me to discuss his future. He is my fourth choice CD so I need him in the squad - I tell him he'll get first team football next season which doesn't do anything for him. I tell he's being unprofessional and he requests a transfer. Bearing in mind the season is 7 games old it's just a daft scenario.
  8. Correct me if I am wrong but in gaming terms, AI has hit a bit of a brick wall - In fact, in computer science in general. Considering that FM relies purely on AI it's quite an achievement that there's a game at all. I know capitalism and consumerism won't allow it, but I wish SI would give themselves GTA style breaks between releases. (Maybe a little shorter!) Imagine how good the game would be then...
  9. I think that you are being incredibly harsh on the users that share tactics and post a bible of an OP explaining how the tactic works and the best types of players to use in each position.
  10. My problem seems to be when having to change things around. For example using the tactic in the OP I had won 6 in a row playing some beautiful football. I'm playing as Everton and made a few signings having sold my big players to generate cash. Even so not every player is suited 100% but it's working. Stoke (h) 2-1 Hartlepool (a) 2-1 Cup Norwich (a) 2-1 Sunderland (h) 3-0 QPR (h) 1-0 Wigan (h) 2-0 Cup This all with only really rotating the players slightly. Now a really tough game comes up against Spurs away which I know will be tough. I end up 2-0 down with 70 played. I haven't got a clue what to do now in an attempt to get one back. Keeping it the same isn't the answer as I don't want to keep the ball and don't want to sit back and counter. Help!
  11. Hi Cleon, you say you use the 7 shouts to start most games. If you then are struggling to win possession are you adding shouts and having 9 in operation? Many thanks.
  12. That's brilliant thank you. I was assuming that the shouts completely changed the settings. I was worried about alienating the players.
  13. Hi guys. I'm reading in the Hough thread that people are leaving all settings at default and using shouts to get the team playing as they wish. My only concern here is that in match prep familiarities the team are getting comfortable with the default settings, but when you start using shouts say 'retain possession' isn't it changing the settings to shorter passing therefore they players aren't actually playing as per the match prep and so aren't comfortable? I hope I've explained that clearly! Many thanks.
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