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  1. Started to experience a lag during the match engine. Not sure what’s happened as it was working fine then suddenly started to lag. Does anybody have any advice settings wise what could be done to help with this? I already have the match preferences all on the lowest settings. 1 thing that could possibly be implemented in future versions is some more options there to make it run easier. I like many others probably wouldn’t buy a whole new desktop just to play 1 game. For example some of the background stuff could be removed such as the stands so you can just see the playe
  2. Been playing the game, enjoying it, will come here for any feedback/comments as I play. 1 thing that's been an issue for a while is players mutiny's that are unrealistic, for example I had a very good team and had to leave some players out of the Euro Cup squad but the players were furious I had to leave some of the players out, even though they themselves were included. There can be a lot more understanding/sense/realism there because players wouldn't risk there own position for a teamates and go crazy when we're doing well just because I couldn't register everyone. That then becomes a
  3. Testing the game now to get used to it before starting a proper game. Have seen some improvements and encouraging signs. 1 thing I've really wanted for a while which I hope gets implemented is the ability to take away the stands so you can just see the pitch. I don't have the PC capability to have crowds on so it would be a great way to suspend disbelief by having the ability to turn the stands/crowd off, so you don't notice they aren't there (when they are). The text commentary size seems a bit low, a way to customize the size would be nice. Looking forward to delving deeper,
  4. I'm noticing some improvements in the way my team are playing now. I sold some players and I stopped doing press conferences and and pre match briefings or letting my assistant do them. Made a few signings too. Last couple of matches the match engine has looked better/more realistic. Leads me to speculate maybe there's too much emphasis placed on on manager's reputation, morale, and press conferences effecting the morale. Of course there should be an effect on all these things however it seemed before they were effecting players doing the most simple things, so maybe it's too much eff
  5. For me the match engine is broken this year, I've never said that before, sure there's been bugs, but this is the first FM Game for me where it feels like it doesn't work at all.
  6. Yeah, my players just keep running to the flank and not crossing until they get blocked, even if there's ample opportunities to cross well before.
  7. My elite strikers can't score goals, I have top strikers but they are missing the easiest of chances. My players also aren't crossing at the right time constantly and are waiting till they get blocked. The opposition are consistently scoring all types of long range wonder goals and my team can't score the basics. I have a target man with strong heading who's 6'4 who seemingly can't head the ball. 15 heading and 17 jumping reach yet can't score simple headers. in 19 games I think he's scored 1 headed goal.
  8. My penalty taker had 19 for pens and he’s missed nearly every penalty bar 1 and I’ve got a lot of them. When I set players to be in position for attacking corners they don’t stay there or go to odd positions. When I set to distribute to the target man it distributes to the advanced forward instead. Basic things aren’t being done, the players seem unrealistically stupid. I think it should be clearer to get the players to do what you want. At the moment seems big flaws with the match engine from my experience. Still getting an abundance of penalties happening as men
  9. I actually agree in it’s current state it’s the poorest match engine for a couple of years. The players do unnaturally stupid things and there seems to be a lack of variety. I’m not sure if it was the last game or the prior 1 but thought the match engine seemed excellent. Currently there’s big flaws that are badly effecting my enjoyment of the game.
  10. At the moment for me it's some of the bugs issues I'd experienced. I put quite some time into a long term save but the penalty issue in particular was causing me to lose games, it would kind of take away the enjoyment cause was getting games with 2 or 3 penalties against and losing matches I should have won due to the bug. Now feels like I'm up against it in that save so am hesitant to put the time in again if there's still issues that will effect the long term aspect of it.
  11. 1 thing I noticed was a lack of through balls on the ground, is that something others have had or not?
  12. See the penalty issue may be fixed in the latest Hotfix, to install it o I just restart steam?
  13. Another issue I was having was when I have it set to distribute to the target man it’s distributing to the advanced forward instead. Is that a bug? Has anybody else had anything similar? And sometimes the wing backs would constantly shoot and seem refuse to cross, even if it’s an easy cross. Hopefully a fix can resolve some of the issues and can start fresh.
  14. Am still having the penalty issues. It seemed to reduce for a little bit but came back, often 2 penalties against a game, sometimes more. Am noticing when I get penalties for me missing too much too considering my top pen taker has a 19 attribute, think he’s missed 3 of 4 pens. Unfortunately I think I’m probably gonna have to start again after the issue is fixed because it’s effecting my game too much, have lost too many games due to the penalties and it seems to happen in bunches. Maybe I should have waited till the patch that fixed that was out. I’ll try again then.
  15. Carried on playing the game, the penalties and red cards slowed down once got into the season for now. Maybe it's because the players were unfit so made mistakes, maybe it's a bit too much, I get players won't be sharp but maybe there's too much of an effect it makes in pre season where they can get excessive red cards/penalties. I congratulated Haaland on his first call up, he said he's surprised at how long he's had to wait, then I said he deserves it for his work and he said I'm patronizing him lol. I think in future versions these kind of things should be looked at fixing, cause in
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