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  1. I just finished my first season at Saints, Won the n power league 1 TRANSFERS IN ----------------- Leigh Griffiths 250 k (Must Buy 30 Goals Now worth 2.2 Mil!) Jay De Merit Free (Must Buy 11 Goals For a defender and captain) Gai Assulin Free ( Good Backup for adam lallana can play in aml amr amc) Alex Smithies 600 k ( Great potential Better than davies and only 21 ! Bourght him in january as davies getting old and rush for new keeper) ------------------ Alex Chamberlain played regualry and is now getting intrest from such clubs as everton now worth 1.7 mil scoring 5 goals and 11 assists Screen shot up soon
  2. FM11: Andy Carroll

    No one would of expected an england cap this year either
  3. good start enjoying this
  4. What English Club will You Start With?

    Im starting with man city at my house and QPR at my dads becuase he supports them and I follow them and want them to do well