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  1. What about Maicon have very good reputation. and comes free
  2. Fausto

    impossible to sign Marco Reus

    What team are you playing, I guess he only will go to Madrid, Barsa or Bayern. In real life he is staying there so i think is very realistic
  3. will be out GMT 00:01 So thats 5 hours and 19 min to go
  4. In Uk this games is very popular, But I'm from Venezuela and lives in colorado USA, here nobody knows this games its such a shame. Im 28 been playing since 01/02, i remember in that game with Ronaldo in Inter wow what a game, now we have 3d matches that just incredible still remember when the 2d was release.
  5. I remember last time was london midnight time
  6. Fausto

    Managing in Italy

    I am an Inter fan so i always play in italy for my first save. Tactics: 3-5-2 is the most common with slow tempo and possession but can still do good with a 433. the two wings player for the 352 have to be very good. Pros: - 12 players on bench - very competitive league - its a couple of years can take back the 4th champions league spot - have a lot of potential with a lot of historic clubs -unlimited foreign in the team (but only can buy one non-europe for season it was 2 before) Cons: - Not much money to spend - only 3 spots for champions league - almost all stadiums are rent it but very big.
  7. I been buying Fm by steam since FM 10 and yeah its always the midnight of Thursday, so i am pretty sure this one will be the same. I can't wait...
  8. the challenge im doing right now its that i crearted a club in 4 division of england with a satium of 5000 and no players no im in 2018 in first division and i just qualify for the euro League maybe you can try this with another league
  9. i been saying the same for years but have to do it right
  10. ok my list is: top 5 Cm 01/02 was when I started playing i still remember buying ronaldo for my man U. Fm7 was good Cm 03/04 2d was very cool. Fm 10 3d match engine nice. Fm12 have a few things that can do better but i like
  11. Fausto

    SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    hey i used to be in the top2 botton Fm10 and it was great if you decided to doing again i know all the work that takes let me know