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  1. A totally virtual team I create in every game, in a French lower league, after an update which add the 4th and 5th level (CFA and CFA2).
  2. 41, playing since before FM05. (CM4 ? I don't remember well...)
  3. Thanks for your answer (And sorry for the delay... ). I understand this RDS bar a bit more now.
  4. Hello here ! I have a little question about the RDS bar... I'm not sure I understand correctly its function. I have a goalkeeper, pretty good for the league where I'm currently playing, but its RDS bar is 9/10 in Goalkeeper, and 6 or 7 in Sweeper Keeper... How can't it be 10 in one of the role ? I understand it like this : "Not very good as a sweeper keeper" and "Not perfect as goalkeeper". So he's not a good keeper ? Thanks in advance for your answers ! Cheers, Racatte
  5. Hello ! Not sure where to post this, so I post it here... It's about the profit/loss graph in the finances screen. It would be great if there a line between profit and loss in the graph (Or more exactly, a different color of the "0" line of the graph)... It is really difficult to read quickly if we're in the profit zone or not for the last months... That line "0", colored differently, would help to know at first sight if we tend to lose money or not, and it shouldn't be difficult to add this in a next FM patch... PS : If a mod thinks this can be better in another part of the forum, please tell me... Cheers, Racatte.
  6. Sadly, I never had this kind of news, even for a player at 12 and trained at the position (Don't know since when he's a 12, but at least 6 months). Do you have an idea how many matchs a player needs, to go from 12 to at least 15 ? And what happens if I stop the training if the player is 12 ? Does the value decrease if I don't play him immediately ? And after he reaches 15, can it deceases, or does he gains definitely this position ? Thanks for the answers...
  7. Is that because of the new FMF file format ? I remember in previous FM we could change the colors, but I don't remember if we could change the range too... Pity, since this year, with the training which can raise a player position only up to 12 (Which is in the middle of the yellow color range), that doesn't help me... There's nothing (color change, or even a news) to tell me that the player has trained his best for a position and now has to play some match to "secure" the trained position... If it can't be 15, what about 10 then (Lower range of the yellow color) ?
  8. Hi there ! I hope I post this in the right place... If not, please don't send me a red card ! You can go directly to my question if you're in a hurry, but here's my situation : Before FM15, when I wanted to have my player train in another position, I just ordered him to play that new position, and that was all, until he reached a good level on this position (Meaning having at least 15). This year, it seems training him only is not enough. Why not, but there's a problem here : it seems the training help my player to gain a certain level in his new position (12), and I have now to make him play some match to let him become competent (15). But I don't know when it is time, since on his profile, the new position is yellow, and yellow is for 10 to 14 values. So my question is : how can I change the range values of the color for the player's positions ? I would like to have (for example) yellow for 10-11 range, then green for 12-? range (And not yellow for 10-14 range, then green for 15-? range), in order to know when the training is no more enough and he now needs to play matchs. This is because I want to use a player's new positions when his level at this position is as near as 15 as possible (Before FM16, I only used player who were at least 15 at a position, and this is not possible anymore with a position-trained player). I hope you'll understand my blattering, I don't write in English this often (I'm much more a reader...) Thanks in advance for your informations. Racatte
  9. Underlined in red : should be "a dix ans d'expérience" (Missing "ans") PS : Found on my game with an edited database (CFA2 and playable CFA added), but I think that doesn't matter here.
  10. male#2 and string#2 appears in this news.
  11. What do you mean by the right attributes ? I had a player who can be a good Defense Left or Right (good value in Center, Dribbling, Marking, Tacking, etc...), but has 5 in those positions (And 20 as a Defense Center)... Do you think I can still let him play as a DL or DR in that case ?
  12. Hi here ! In another thread, I had a discussion about when a player trains in a new position. In previous FM, you only a to order the player in a position you choose, and some months later, he could play that position in a match because he was now competent in this position. Now, a player can be trained to a certain point (From the IGE, it seems it is until he reach 12 in the position learned), then he must play some matchs to be competent in this position. I fully understand the reasoning here, but there's a little problem here, because of the color system to show how a player is good at a position... (And that was the reason I trained some players nearly 3 years without obtaining any result in learning a position). The color range around 12 is yellow, and stand for values between 10 to 14 (Before, it's orange I think, and starting at 15 - Meaning player is competent is that position -, it' green). The problem is : how do we know when a player has reached its limit in learning a position only by training (12) and now has to play some match to become competent (At least 15) ? How do we know he's already 12 (Meaning training won't enhance his ability to play in this position), or still 10 or 11 (And taking the risk to let him play a position he is still unfamiliar and still need training) ? After a quick discussion with Seb Wassel (Thanks to him), I thought about this : - What about a little change to the color ranges for the position ? Like 1 : transparent, 2-5 : red, 6-9 : orange, 10-11 : dark yellow, 12-15 : yellow, 16-19 : bright green, 20 : green. This way, we'd know when a player can't be more trained in a position and now need to play some matchs (Without letting him play too soon in a position) - What about a news item like "Your AssMan informs you that (player) has trained as much as he can in his new position, and now needs to play some match to become competent". With at least one of the proposition above, it should help us to know when the training part ends and when the playing part begins for a player learning a new position (Really useful, since it would avert us from training a player for 3 seasons before seeing he still hasn't obtained his new position... Yes, that's my case... ) Hope I didn't make to much mistakes writing all of this... It's easier for me to read English... Cheers, Racatte.
  13. Hey Seb ! Thanks to you too... I tried to explain my feelings as much as I can, since English is not my mothertongue (I'm French), and I'm far (far !) better reading English than speaking or writing it. I really understand your point of view, and that made me think of another little problem here. Btw, I clearly understand the possibility that a player can't obtain a position if his CA is near his PA. In everything I said, it is about a player who can obtain a new position without the "CA near PA" problem. To be simple, this is directly about the 12 value... If I perfectly understand (I hope !), with only the training, a player can only improve up to 12, and no more. The problem is with the color code : 12 is in the middle of the yellow color range of 10 to 14... The point is : how do we know (without the IGE) that a player as trained as much as he can, and that it's now time to progress now on the field... We see a yellow circle, but how do we know if he still can be trained, or if it's time to run on the field ? I propose two solutions : 1) Change the color code (or the color range), to have the trained position change color exactly when the value of 12 is reached, so we can say "Hey, he can't train any better, now I must let him play some match to make him obtain this new position"). Like : 1 transparent, 2-5 : red, 6-9 : orange, 10-11 : dark yellow, 12-15 : yellow, 16-19 : bright green, 20 : green This way, when we see the circle becoming yellow, we'll know it's time to play... 2) Add a new item, like "Your AssMan informs you that (player) has trained as much as he can in the new position, and now needs to play at this position to be competent", or something like that. In fact, the first point would be nearly the same as before when 15 was the limit from yellow to green and at the same time would tell us that the player has obtained the position... I'll try to reorganise my thoughts to post in the Wishlist thread, since it shouldn't be too hard to (at least) change the color range to highlight the 12 mark. Maybe not as easy as to add a new item like the second point on the other side... I hope I didn't make to much mistakes in my little post... I tried not to think in French then translating in English, but to think directly in English... Cheers, Racatte.
  14. I understand this, but IMO the player must be at least good at a position (Meaning 15) before making play at this position... What I see would be correct IMO, with the values : A player is trained to a certain position (So he is between 1 and 14 at this position). - Training him makes him improve his position up to 15 (And not 12 as it seems to be the case for the moment). He can't improve by training after he reaches 15. - A player can only improve from 15 to 18 or 20 only by playing in this role (Under 15, I consider him unable to play at this position). Continue the training while he plays in this position to be determined. - A player can improve from 1 to 15 by playing too, but not as quick as with training. In fact, I think the only problem here is the choice to have 12 as the limit where a player can't improve anymore with a position training. It should be 15, since 10 to 14 is average (Meaning for me : unable to play correctly at this position), and 15-19 is good (Meaning for me : able to play correctly at this position). I should have been promoted if I knew that change in FM, you know ? How can I explain that to my chairman now ? (Take that last sentence as a ending post joke... :p )
  15. I find it a bit curious... IMO, a player should learn to be a - at least - good at a position before beginning to play at this position in a match, that's why training exists... If a player learn a position by playing at this position in matchs, what is the need to train him to this position... I'm not sure if I'm clear, so what about "If you want to learn how to mount a PC, you read books (Or ask a friend) before, you surely don't try to mount this or that and try until it works"... Or there's something I don't understand... Sorry in this case... And yes, in all previous FM, a player learned a new position until he was good enough to play at this position... Edit : more info I see with the IGE that a trained player has his new position rise from its original value up to 12, but stays at 12 after that... I never send a player in a position where he has less than 15...