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  1. In red : "Éloges principales" should be "Éloges principaux", since we say "Un éloge" (Masc). In blue : since you use a complete sentence in the left part ("Commentaires de l'attaché de presse"), the right one could/should be "Rapports avec les journalistes" to be the same, don't you think ?
  2. I'm not totally sure, but I think I always heard "Un clean sheet", not "Une".
  3. Hi ! Both "des" underlined in red should be "de".
  4. @Ben Kenney May I ask you if this kind of bug will need a fresh new game when corrected or will I be able to continue my current game ? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi ! Two small mistakes here, both with the article. In red : should be "(...) le nombre total des analystes (...)", in place of "de des". In blue : should be "(...) à engager davantage d'analystes du recrutement (...)", in place of "davantage des analystes" . In this case, the expression "davantage" if followed by "de" (Or " d' " with a vowel), so "Davantage d'analystes", "Davantage de recruteurs", etc...
  6. You're welcome ! And sorry to have posted in the wrong sub-forum. I thought it was a staff responsibility problem... Racatte
  7. Hi ! As you can see on the two screenshot, I have a U19 squad ass manager named Régis Beunardeau. But in the coach responsibilities panel, he doesn't appear, Since that game was started with the beta version, I tried to run a game from scratch, and the same problem appears, not only for the U19 ass manager, but for the Reserve ass manager too. No problem for the 1st team ass manager. Btw, yes i'm using a darker skin, but I reverted to a standard skin, and the problem is still here.
  8. Text about Mbappé as a St-Etienne player instead of PSG. Happen at least in English, German and French, so surely a variable mistake (Team2 when it should be Team1, or something like that)
  9. Two things : - CFA is now National 2. - National 2 is not directly playable (Only if you're relegated from National). May be the same for other countries (I only play France...)
  10. Since I don't see any change in the current game (I'm half way in a season), do I need to start a new game for this kind of fix, or will it be fixed later in my game (In some ingame weeks, or at the start of the new season...) ? Again, thanks for your answers !
  11. I don't see anything about player being unhappy for not playing enough here (Only player wanting to quit team for another team). What I mean is when players says "I don't play enough, I want to play more", not "I want to play for another team"... Sorry if I am not clear :o (But thank you for taking the time to answer me )
  12. has the problem of "unhappy players for not playing enough" been tuned down ? I know I don't make some of my player play a lot, so I understand some of them can moan, but up to the 15.2.1 patch, they are whining like 2yo dirty spoiled brats (And personnal talk does nothing, as they become angrier, whatever I say to them) very often. apart from that, thanks for this patch, I'm now ready for my final long term LLM game...
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