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  1. Hi ! A word is missing here (In red). Should be "ne se sont pas éternisés", not "ne sont pas éternisés"
  2. Still happens in 20.2.3, but on the second time now : - Click "Edit search", then "Advanced", then "Ok". - Click "Edit search" again, we're still on the "Advanced" panel. Clicke "Ok". - Click "Edit search" another time, this time we're back on the "Quick" panel. This is the same with the staff "Edit search" (2nd time too). No problem if we quit the panels without clicking on "Ok", we stay everytime on the "Advanced" panel.
  3. Really sorry Thom, didn't mean to be harsh. I read your explanation, and I understand your POV... I'll just have to do with "Jeu de tête" instead of "Tête" now... A tiny typo here, using the IGE. When modifying the player's attribute, it should be "Milieu axial", not "milieu axial".
  4. Hello ! When using the "Edit Search" (Both for player and staff), I always use the "Advanced" view instead of the "Quick" one. If I exit this panel without clicking the "Ok" button (By clicking on another area of the screen for exemple), and come back later, the "Edit Search" panel is still using the "Advanced" view, which is ok. But if I exit the panel by clicking the "Ok" button and come back later, the "Edit Search" panel is back to the "Quick" view, and I have to click again on the "Advanced" tab to see this view again. FYI, I tested this on different games, using French and English, just in case... Picture 1 : The view I use, and the view I have if I quit it without clicking on "Ok", and come back later. Picture 2 : The view I don't use but I have if I click on "Ok" and come back later.
  5. Hello ! Found this bug thanks to the IGE... The value for "Judging Team Data" is the same as the value for "Judging Staff Ability"... Try to change the value of "Judging Team Data", it reverses to the previous value. Change the value for "Judging Staff Ability", it changes as asked, but it changes for "Judging Team Data" too, the value being the same.
  6. I noticed the difference between "Tête" and "Jeu de tête" too... It is very disturbing indeed when it changes in a same version of FM... This kind of change, purely cosmetic IMO, should have been done for FM21... But now it's done, let it be like this... Nevertheless, i spotted a new little mistake here, where it should be "a de grosses réserves", not "a de gros réserves". (Screenshot in english just for information).
  7. A little problem spotted here... (No problem when using english language)
  8. Thanks for your informations @Lucas. I found a way to recover all the filter lists, simply by loading a game used in FM20 beta, and save the whole again in a file. Indeed, it is now a FMF file. Problem solved.
  9. Thanks for your answer, @thom ! FYI, I am currently using the released version of FM20. (updated from the beta version yesterday evening, if this helps.)
  10. Hello ! When using the FM20 beta, I created some filter lists, saved with the FMF format, then I saved all of them in a single PFT file. Until the launch of the final FM20, I had no problem to load the PFT file to have all my filter lists. But now with the final FM20, I can't load PFT filter lists files, only FMF filter files... As if the PFT extension is no more a valid extension... I tried doing the same with 2 differents filters in one file, the extension is now FMF where I had PFT (So no difference with FMF files with only one filter), so I tried renaming my PFT files in FMF, but no change, I have to recreate all my filters (Sadly, I didn't keep each filter list alone when I added them in a single PFT file...) Hope you'll understand my gibberish, my english is very rusty these days... PS : This is the same for players and staffs filter lists, PFT seems to be no more recognized...
  11. I'm not sure of this, but I think there is a confusion with the new staff roles, "Responsable de la formation des joueurs" et "Responsable des prêts". In the PGE, I didn't find the first one, so I tried to find it using the game, by searching a staff using the filter "Responsable de la formation des joueurs", before changing the language. I saw that it became "Loan manager", which should by the translation for "Responsable des prêts"... So are "Responsable de la formation des joueurs" and "Responsable des prêts" different staff roles, since I saw the two while waiting for FM20, or is it in fact the same role ? Images are what I have in French, then in English. PS : I'll write now in french all the above, in case I might be misunderstood... My english is a bit rusty... Je ne suis pas sûr de ça, mais je pense qu'il y a une confusion avec les nouveaux rôles de staff, "Responsable de la formation des joueurs" et "Responsable des prêts". Dans l'éditeur en jeu, je n'ai pas trouvé le premier, donc j'ai essayé de le trouver en utilisant le jeu, en recherchant un staff en utilisant le filtre "Responsable de la formation des joueurs", avant de changer de langue. J'ai vu que c'était devenu "Loan manager", ce qui devrait être la traduction pour "Responsable des prêts"... Est-ce que "Responsable de la formation des joueurs" et "Responsable des prêts" sont des rôles de staff différents, alors que j'ai vu les deux noms en attendant FM20, ou est-ce finalement le même rôle ? Les images sont ce que j'ai en Français, puis en Anglais.
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