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  1. i would be annoyed getting fined £360,000 for one bad tackle.... jus sayin
  2. just play it what glitches are stopping you starting?
  3. attendances take ages to go up, take Bury for example in L2 last season finished 9th and had an average attendance of like 3k this season fighting for top spot, have a kid on loan from Man Utd who is a local and therefore a fans favorite and brought loads of media hype (especially in the local area) = average attendance of 3.3k an increase of 10% the ground holds over 11k
  4. i love the new patch this season my pk taker has 14/14 - new record.
  5. these things do happen, Socrates (the brazil legend) signed for Garforth Town once apon a time - they're well into the non-league. Ravanelli to boro was amazing in those days. Tevez /Mascherano to West Ham.
  6. Help! I managed to delete....

    re-install the whole lot?
  7. 50% sell on clause

    are you sure Thebaker? and it will every month for 2.5 years? what day of the month? the 1st or the date of the transfer?
  8. 50% sell on clause

    its not in the clauses screen - the problem on my income report is i have quite a lot coming in per month so its hard to tell if its been added on
  9. Ok so here is the situation, player leaves me for 2mil +50% sell on 3 seasons on the player get a big move for 14.5m i get a message saying something like "you have received 1.5m and will recieve an additional 5.75m over the next 30 months" my question is where is my 200k pm going, its not on the clauses screen and im not sure im getting the monthly installments - how would i know?
  10. Crazy Take overs....

    in mine Wolves got taken over by a thai tycoon and are now one of the best teams in europe, only Man City come close to them in terms of transfer spending. Combined the 2 clubs spend about 200m a season, almost every player who's even half decent or shows an ouce on promise is on the books at one of the two clubs.
  11. Any new leagues for FM11?

    nah keep it running
  12. Stand Closed.

    it only happens if the stadium isnt been used i.e attendences have dropped- obvs
  13. Feeder clubs - commercial link??

    wow 59m in merchandising - must be nice sounds like they are good value
  14. Feeder clubs - commercial link??

    so absolute if you have 2 feeder clubds with a commercial link. How much does this cost you per season? how much if your income from merchandise?
  15. Feeder clubs - commercial link??

    how much income do you get? any idea as the cost is approx 1mil